Domestic Violence and abuse in the Muslim community - Resource collection - updated 2/23/09

compiled by Sheila Musaji

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Domestic Violence and abuse in the Muslim community - Resource collection

by Sheila Musaji

Imam Suhaid Webb recently put an article online that needs to be widely read in the Muslim community.  The article includes a graphic video documenting domestic abuse in the United States.

Future Imams: We are Engaged in 1,000 year old Theological Wars and Our Communities Bleed. Let’s Get with Reality and Deal with the Real!

A few years back, while in the states, I received a chilling phone call from a scared sister; voice shaking and tears falling she said, “Suhaib, my husband……………… husband beat me! He beat me in front of our apartment in front of the non-Muslims?” I latter found out that she went to the hospital with a fractured skull.

Brothers, I’m new to this internet game but what I’ve seen disgusts me. We are arguing, and I’m guilty of this as well, over issues that have no impact on our communities except leading by real bad examples. I encourage myself and all of our future Imams, leaders and Shyukh to get with the real. Take a look at this video and realize that these things are happening in your communities and arguing the finner points of aqida, destroying each other and establishing your kingdom are not going to do much to help. Our communities are dying and we are fighting over very trivial issues. I ask for your forgiveness if I’ve done anything to any of you. Let’ s move forward and benefit our societies.

Grand Ayatollah Fadlallah recently issued a fatwa against domestic abuse.  The full Arabic text of the fatwa is here, and a summary translation follows from the Hatshepsut site:

This fatwa of Sheikh Fadlallah, who is well known for his position against honor crimes that are widespread in “democratic” Jordan and Syria, begins by acknowledging that though women have regained many of their rights they still suffer from discrimination and violence. He then proceeds to describe the different types of violence that women suffer from: domestic violence (forced to marry, beaten up, raped, sworn at, deprived of marital rights, thrown out of the house, not allowed to continue with her education), social violence (honor crimes, low pay at work)… and so on.

After this overview he moves on to issue his fatwa in which he states that since Islam looks at women as equal to men, and a marriage in Islam is based on “Ma’rouf” (tenderness, respect and love in treating each other) hence, no man has the right to control an adult woman (wilaiyah) and no husband is allowed to swear at, beat up or force his wife to do what she doesn’t want to do. Accordingly, if a husband beats up his wife she is allowed to beat him back in self defence and if he deprives her of her marital rights she has the right to deprive him of whatever they agreed on in the marriage contract.

An interesting point mentioned in the fatwa is that in no place in Islamic texts was it mentioned that women have to do housework so a man should be grateful that his wife is volunteering to take care of the household.

...  Anyway, what we really need for the time being is more sheikhs like Fadlallah and hopefully, some time in the future, the day will come when Muslims world wide would use their brains and commensense inleading their lives instead of waiting for muftis to tell them what to do.

This is a real problem that requires real solutions in real time.  Today would be best.  Insh’Allah we will continue to collect resources that may help individuals and local communities to deal with this problem.


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There are a number of organizations working to stop this epidemic, and there is a list of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and other resources available on the Religion Newswriters site.