Torching of Ahmadiyya Mosque in Indonesia a Disgrace

Robert Salaam

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Torching of Ahmadiyya Mosque in Indonesia a Disgrace

by Robert Salaam

I feel that I have to truly speak out against the crime against Jammat Ahmadiyya that was brought to my attention.  I posted the wonderful commentary by Mike Ghouse entitled “Ahmadiyya Muslims What Next” and he was absolutely right.

With all due respect, my Indonesian Muslim brothers and sisters must be loosing their minds.  In truth the entire Muslim world is loosing their mind, especially as it relates to this MUSLIM community.  Yes, I said Muslim community.  How in the world can you call yourself a Muslim and want to ban another group that says they are Muslim too?  So what if you don’t agree with their practice or even their theology.  The one thing that should bind us all is our belief in One God, Allah (swt) and our belief in the Prophet (saw).  Any person or group that upholds that is a Muslim.

This is where hypocrisy comes in.  Muslims are so quick to fight against one another over matters of variance in practice, but are so slow to embrace one another based on our commonality.  We will readily engage in interfaith with other religions, accept others with open arms, let them speak in our Masjids, etc.  But God forbid we do that with other Muslims who think or practice other than ourselves.

We love to bash the West and complain about how we are minorities and are denied equal rights, yet in our so-called Muslim countries we refuse to do that ourselves?  Why complain about something you won’t readily do yourselves?

This is why I understand why non-Muslims look at us with such strange looks.  Look at us, we are backward and confused when we can’t realize the obvious.  Muslims by definition are supposed to be the example of what the world should be.  I must say, if we define Muslim by the actions of those in Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and every other “Muslim” nation that bans this group or any other group, then I would rather be an apostate.

You can’t even be a Muslim acting the way they are acting.  A Muslim is supposed to be one in which his/her neighbors feel safe.  How in the hell can these “Muslims” call themselves such when not even fellow Muslims can feel safe in their presence?

How in the world can you say you are Islamically justified in banning a group that says there is no God, but Allah?  What kind of Muslim are you?

I am not Ahmadiyya, however, you can judge a tree by the fruit it bears.  This Jammat in all my experiences have been one of the most tolerant, welcoming, and peaceful community I have had the privilege to get to know.  I have Ahmadiyya friends, I have attended their functions, and I can tell you through my Sunni eyes, that if they are not Muslim, then I truly don’t know what Islam is and I should go back to being a Christian!

I know many of these brothers and sisters, I can tell you with resolute honesty that to me, they are as if we had the same parents.  I love these brothers and sisters, surely we disagree on matters of Fiqh, but so do my wife and I!  Some of us in our arrogance and lack of faith in Allah (swt) would rather swat at gnats.  We bring the chastisement of Allah (swt) on ourselves.

So what they say the Messiah has come back?  What does that have to do with Shahaddah, Salah, Zawm, Zakat, and Hajj?  Do they teach against those things?  Do they even pray differently?  Many of us are so foolish that we would readily have the good Rev. Dr. such and such address us in the Masjid or non-Muslim Mayoral candidate whomever, but don’t let it be someone who calls themselves a Muslim that practices or believes a little different from us.  Don’t even let them in our households, bar them from burying their dead, and of all things bar them from the Holy House of all Muslims!

I condemn these detestable, hypocritical, and un-Islamic acts done against this community.  I pray Allah (swt) is swift in His chastisement against any Muslim or so-called Muslim state that wants to or has banned any Muslim or group that prays to Him.

How dare you brothers and sisters that do this.  In this time where Muslims should be gathering and supporting one another, you want to continue the divide.  Instead of being the defender and protector of the oppressed, you now want to be the oppressor.  Allah (swt) loves NOT the oppressor.

I sincerely tell you that you seal your fate and you will be brought to ruin as most “Muslim” nations like Pakistan, until you submit and unite.

I ask all Muslims who truly believe, to oppose these actions as well as those well recorded elsewhere.  All Muslim lands should belong to any who believe in Allah (swt), His messenger (saw), and the last day.  Any who oppose that, should be done away with.  They should not be supported in any manner as they have left the fold of Islam and have become a persecutor of fellow Muslims which is Haram.

I ask that we rally around the Ahmadiyya Community the latest and perpetual victim of “Muslim” violence, ignorance, and hypocrisy.  I ask that all Muslims get it together and aid one another.  It doesn’t matter if you pray with your arms folded, pray with your arms at your sides, pray with your hands on your heart, etc.  It doesn’t matter if you expect the Messiah to come with Imam Mahdi, expect Jesus (as) to descend from the clouds, or believe that he came 100 years ago already.  It doesn’t matter if you prayer toward the Holy House in Islamabad, Cairo, Jakarta, Paris, London, Dakar, or Washington DC.  Muslims we have to unite and be brothers and protectors of one another!

Oh Allah (swt), I ask that you guide our hearts and our minds.  I ask that you turn us nearer to you and forgive our transgressions.  I ask that you renew in us the spirit of true brother and sister hood.  I ask that you remind us that all are brothers who seek you and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw).  Oh Allah (swt), I ask that you turn back the Shaitan who is winning over those who say they serve you in Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and everywhere where your name is uttered.  We seek refuge in you from Shaitan the accursed and ask that you deafen our ears to his whispers.  Oh Allah (swt) protect the Muslim oppressed, especially those oppressed by other Muslims, such as Jammat Ahmaddiya.  Oh Allah (swt) bless and strengthen them and all Muslims of conscience who speak out against such atrocities.  Oh Allah (swt) remind us to follow your perfected Deen and grant us your Mercy, for you are the Most Merciful, Compassionate, Dispenser of Grace.  It is to You Alone that we submit.


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