Temecula Mosque Protest: Of Dogs and Roses

Temecula Mosque Protest: Of Dogs and Roses

by Sheila Musaji

As we noted in a previous article, there was a lot of hoopla about this event before the fact

The Tea Party Patriots web site shows that a protest against a proposed mosque in Temecula CA is planned to be held on Friday July 30 by a group that calls itself the Southwest Riverside County (SWRC) Tea Party group.  R.E.A.L.  has posted screenshots of materials so that even if they are removed from the Tea Party site you can still see them. 

Participants are being encouraged to bring dogs, Bibles, and to sing.  The protest is being planned during Muslim Jumah prayers. 

According to a CAIR press release “An e-mail alert announcing the anti-mosque protest sent to area newspapers by “a leader of a conservative coalition that has been active with Republican and Tea Party functions” stated: “An Islamic Mosque is planned to be built in Temecula. Islam is not a religion. It is a worldwide political movement meant [sic] on domination of the world. And it is meant to subjugate all people under Islamic law…Islam permits lying!...The Islam’s [sic] treat women as second class people and they also hate dogs. Women are forbidden to sing and dogs are killed. We will not be submissive to Sharia Law. Tennessee was able to stop the Mosque so bring your Bibles, flags, signs, dogs and singing voice on Friday.” 

The Temecula Islamic Center has issued a response to the protest which said in part “It has come to our attention that a group of people seek to disrupt our prayer session on Friday, July 30th,” the statement read. “We are disheartened and saddened that a group of our neighbors seeks to disrespect and make our community feel unwelcomed.”  “The ICTV’s decade-long effort toward the construction of a Mosque has been conducted hand-in-hand with our commitment to the establishment of goodwill with our neighbors,” the statement said. “There has never been a closed-door event hosted by the ICTV, nor will there ever be. We are not strangers to this community; we are part of the diversity, which continues to make Temecula a unique and positive place to call home.  “We have participated in local canned food drives, housed those in need during the recent fires in San Diego County, and collected donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina,” the statement continued. “Moreover, we have opened our doors to the public and hosted yearly open-house events during the holy month of Ramadan and actively participated in the Interfaith Council of Murrieta and Temecula Valley.”

News reports said that there were about a dozen protestors and at least 50 people who came to support the mosque.

One of the protestors explained the low turnout of people protesting the mosque this way “He said the low numbers of protestors is because those who oppose the mosque are afraid for their safety.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that there was a tense moment “A member of the center created a stir when he and his wife tried to hand out roses to the protesters, with many refusing to accept the home-grown flowers.”

I’m sure they refused to accept the roses because they were afraid for their safety - perhaps they would be stuck by a thorn, or perhaps those crafty Muslims had planned ahead and bred special dangerous roses just to give to unsuspecting non-Muslims.  Just like the Muslim demographic plot and all the other what everyone knows nonsense about Islam and Muslims. 

You can see a local news video about the protest here.

This group of protestors called themselves “we the people”, but they seem not to have read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  Perhaps, if they come back to protest again, the Muslim community should hand them roses and a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Muslims are a part of “we the people”.


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