Terror Attack in Norway Linked to Right Wing Islamophobes - updated 7/25

Terror Attack in Norway Linked to Right Wing Islamophobes

by Sheila Musaji

The tragic terrorist attack in Norway is another sad reminder of how vulnerable we all are to attacks by radicalized “true believers” in whatever distorted political or religious ideology they may falsely believe they are promoting through violence and terrorism. 

Immediately after the tragedy, there was a lot of speculation about who could have done such a thing, and why.  This sort of speculation is always reckless, and never productive. 


Pamela Geller said in a posting lamenting a media report about the tragedy ” More media lies and obfuscation. Just because the media doesn’t cover these news stories doesn’t mean they haven’t happened. You can ignore jihad, but you cannot avoid the consquences of ignoring jihad.”  She also posted an article titled Jihad in Norway? 

Jerome Taylor, the religious affairs correspondent for The Independent penned what he claimed was an analysis titled Analysis: Jihadist networks have long singled out Norway

The Washington Times posted an article titled Question of the Day: Why Norway? containing more such speculative anti-Muslim “analysis”.  The article has already been pulled from their site.

The Vancouver Sun also posted an article which has now been pulled from their site.

The Washington Post posted a disgusting article by Jennifer Rubin which is still online with no apology, and no correction.  James Fallows discusses the implications as does Bernard Pliers, Steve Clemons and Philip Weiss.

The Sun newspaper in Britain ran a headline “Norway’s 9/11:  Al Qaeda Massacre”

The Wall Street Journal published an article which contained this statement …in jihadist eyes, [Norway] will always remain guilty of being what it is: a liberal nation committed to freedom of speech and conscience, equality between the sexes, representative democracy, and every other freedom that defines the West. For being true to those ideals, Norwegians have now been asked to pay a terrible price.  They didn’t simply remove the article, but did remove that statement from the article now online.

Media Matters reports that “Friday night on The O’Reilly Factor, guest host Laura Ingraham did a brief report on the terrorist attacks that killed dozens of people in Norway. She began by saying, “In the ‘Back of the Book’ segment tonight, two deadly terror attacks in Norway, in what appears to be the work, once again, of Muslim extremists.” She went on to describe the attacks, which involved a bombing in Oslo and a mass shooting.  Ingraham then immediately transitioned into a segment on Park51, the planned Islamic community center near the World Trade Center”  The report includes the video.

The Fox News Insider reported that John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the UN and Fox News contributor, has no doubt that these attacks in Norway were “politically motivated.”  He said that this was a very “un-Norwegian-like act,” which leads him to believe that this is a “classic terrorist effort,” specifically, “Islamic terrorism.”

Pajamas Media published an article titled First hints of Islamic connection in Oslo attack full of all sorts of misinformation.

Peggy Shapiro posted an article on The American Thinker which opens with “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.” Winston Churchill.  Norway, which has a sordid history of feeding the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel beast, woke up this morning to the shock of the Islamist beast feeding on Norwegian blood.”

When an Al Qaeda site cheered the attack Robert Spencer called that criminal groups site,  an “Islamic internet forum”. 


At one point after the suspect was arrested, Robert Spencer speculated that  “Because the shooter at the Utoya youth camp was Norwegian. No one seems to be wondering whether or not he is a convert.”  Edmond Standing has collected some of the choicest comments by Spencer’s readers even after the arrest was made.

Even after the suspect was arrested, Aaron Goldstein posted an article on The American Spectator titled Why It Wasn’t Unreasonable to Suspect Muslim Terrorism in Norway.  In this article he calls Breivek like Timothy McVeigh, “the exception that proves the rule” and closes with As the adage goes, “Not all Muslims are terrorists but nearly all terrorists are Muslim.”

And, Pamela Geller posted an article today saying While the leftist and Islamic supremacist ghouls rush to portray Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik as a Christian and even as an anti-jihadist, the unanswered questions multiply.   The only “ghoul” who portrayed Breivik as a Christian and as an anti-Muslim is Breivik himself in his own writings.

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace site posted an article entitled Anders Behring Breivik: Jihadist

This is the real problem.  No matter how much evidence Islamophobes are presented that this “adage” is false, they are determined to continually repeat the phrase until most people accept a lie as the truth.  The claim that most, or all terrorists are Muslims ignores history.  In fact, most terrorist attacks have been made by individuals who are not Muslims.  The only way this can be denied is to re-define terrorism in such a way that it only includes acts committed by a Muslim, and to call all other attacks something else.

Yes, there are Muslim terrorists, and they are just as frightening as all other terrorists.  These are dangerous people.  What is needed is a serious look at what causes this sort of radicalization and extremism, no matter what the political or religious motivation. 

Richard Silverstein asks an important question regarding this mentality:

But for me, another important question which no one, so far is asking is why did most of the world first think the terrorist/s responsible were Muslim, when the actual killer hates Muslims?

In fact, this is what the New York Times wrote in its story which did report the political affiliation of the killer:

Initial reports focused on the possibility of Islamic militants, in particular Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or Helpers of the Global Jihad, cited by some analysts as claiming responsibility for the attacks. American officials said the group was previously unknown and might not even exist.

There was ample reason for concern that terrorists might be responsible.

How’s that again?  Are the only terrorists in the world Muslim?  If so, what do we call a right-wing nationalist capable of planting major bombs and mowing down scores of people for the sake of the greater glory of his cause?  If even a liberal newspaper like the Times can’t call this guy a terrorist, what does that say about the mindset of the western world?

It’s absolutely imperative for the world to face the fact that for every Islamist willing to resort to violence there is a right-wing nationalist willing to do the same.  We can see that in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Equally important to note that while there may be some on the left who have resorted to violence (in this country in the 1960s for example), the overwhelming share of mayhem comes from the political right.  We can see that in Israel, where the extreme settler movement assassinated a prime minister and murdered fellow Israeli Jews.  The same holds true here in the U.S., where a white supremacist, Jared Loughner, recently murdered a federal judge and several others in addition to nearly assassinating Gabrielle Giffords, a Jewish member of Congress.

Benjamin Doherty has a very interesting post exploring the source of the claim that an Al Qaeda group had first taken responsibility for the terrorist attack in Oslo, and then denied responsibility.  It appears that this report by Will McCants is very questionable, and that even the New York Times who initially posted the claim now says on its site that Initial reports focused on the possibility of Islamic militants, in particular Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or Helpers of the Global Jihad, cited by some analysts as claiming responsibility for the attacks. American officials said the group was previously unknown and might not even exist.

David Horowitz’ Front Page Magazine posted an article by Ryan Mauro (another self-styled national security advisor) that shows the depths of the anti-Muslim hatred of these folks.  He says Simultaneous attacks like these are the staple of the Al-Qaeda and its affiliates, but the arrest of Breivik is leading authorities to downplay an Islamist connection.  So, the fact that an anti-Muslim, Norwegian, Christian, right-winger has been arrested for this crime is meaningless, and the authorities are simply downplaying an Islamist connection.  And, he closes with Al-Qaeda or another Islamist terrorist group may or may not be responsible. There should be no relaxation if these attacks are found to be the work of a single, non-Muslim, homegrown political extremist. If this is what can be done by a single individual, or even a small group, then it is scary to think of what will happen if an Islamic terrorist cell takes advantage of the same vulnerabilities.  So, even if Muslims had nothing to do with this, and even if this man is only one of many such homegrown right wing extremists, we should keep our focus clearly only on Muslim extremists.

Stephen Colbert has done a great segment attacking the conservative media outlets for rushing to blame Muslims in Oslo coverage

I must be missing some aspect of the logic here.  It seems to me that the end result of any act of terrorism carried out by any sort of extremist is the same — innocent people suffer and die.  Extremists of whatever ideology are a threat to all of us.  The problem is not one “brand” of extremism or another, it is EXTREMISM. 


The man accused of being responsible for both the bombing and the attack on the youth camp which killed at least 91 people, is Anders Behring Breivik.  He is a Norwegian with strong right-wing political views who has posted a great deal on right wing sites.

A complete list of Brevers’ comments on a Norwegian site called document.no has now been put on Google translate

In his rambling comments, he praises the EDL and SIOE as well as the Jihad Watch regular poster “Fjordman”.  He seems to believe that he and these groups belong to something called the “Vienna School”, and in a post on 12/3/09, he says “I ran the business a few years while I studied and earned a few million so I could finance a inntektsløs politically active life. (Vienna school of thought) I now use these funds to be able to work full time to further develop / promote the Vienna Academy (Vienna school of thought) that Fjordman, Bat Yeor, Spencer + many others have already contributed so much till.  The last three years I worked full time with a cultural conservative works that will help to further develop / promote these political doctrines further.”  He also posted an article by Daniel Pipes.  The SIOE is the European face of SIOA which was founded by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and said by the ADL to promote a conspiratiorial anti-Muslim agenda.  Much more on them here.

Based on his comments on this site, he seems to be a Christian fundamentalist, who is opposed to multi-culturalism and immigration, and very anti-Muslim.  He suggests that he is a Mason.

Whether this will prove to be accurate or not we will have to see, but Charles Johnson reports that there is a post on a Norwegian blog which claims that “Anders Behring Breivik has previously driven the blog Fjordman and later for many years been a writer for the anti-Muslim and Zionist bloggers Gates of Vienna and Jihad Watch, under the pseudonym Fjordman.On July 17, released Anders Behring Breivik a message on Twitter where he writes that “One person with a belief is Equal To The force of 100,000 WHO Have only not raised.”

As to whether or not Breivik and Fjordman are the same, Richard Silverstein also reports that Norwegian bloggers are reporting that Breivik is the author of a blog called Fjordman and that he’s guest blogged for Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch and Gates of Vienna “for years.”  As Breivik, he publicly praised one of her posts.  Elise Hendrick has translated a passage from Realisten which confirms that Fjordman and Breivik are one and the same:  According to his own statements, Anders Behring Breivik previously operated the blog ‘Fjordman’, and later wrote for many years under the pseudonym Fjordman for the anti-Muslim and Zionist blogs Gates of Vienna and Jihad Watch.

After Johnson posted his article, Pamela Geller responded on Atlas Shrugs with “This is just a sinister attempt to tar all anti-jihadists with responsibility for this man’s heinous actions…this is war. And the left is vicious, amoral and depraved. They mean to win, and that is the only way they know how.”  If it turns out that Breivik and Fjordman are one and the same, that will be a real problem for Geller particularly, as when Fjordman wrote his Eurabia book, Geller praised it saying “The preeminent essayist, historian, and one of the leading lights of the counter jihad movement, Fjordman, has released his first book. Europe’s most reliable witness and modern historian has completed a compedium of analysis and data of the islamization of Europe.”

Harry’s place reports that Brevic wanted to form a Norwegian EDL and the article includes a number of translated quotes from Brevic in which he expresses admiration for Geert Wilders,

The New York Daily News reports “Breivik may have used a front company, Breivik Geofarm, he founded in 2009 as an excuse to legally stockpile large quantities of fertilizer and other chemicals which he could have used to build the bombs, according to Norwegian news stations.”

A YouTube video praising Breivik as a “Blond Knight” has been removed.  It is worrisome that this means that there are others out there who share his distorted world view.  I sincerely hope that law enforcement is investigating whoever posted this video.


The accused not only is not a Muslim, but an Islamophobe who expressed his hatred of Muslims openly.  In his own writings he expressed admiration for many Islamophobic individuals and organizations, and that seemed to be a primary concern to him. 

His writing show his admiration for the EDL, Robert Spencer, Fjordman, Atlas Shrugs [Pamela Geller], Bat Ye’or, Analekta [Informatics], SIOE, Gates of Vienna, Geert Wilders, The Brussels Journal, The Religion of Peace, Robert Spencer, etc.  A veritable Who’s Who of the Islamophobia industry.

What is truly puzzling is how that mindset caused him to lash out, not at the Muslim community, but at his fellow Norwegians generally.  All of this might have made sense if he had blown up a mosque, or attacked a multi-cultural or immigrant center.  It will be very interesting to follow developments as more about this terrible tragedy becomes known.  The only “logical” reason that I can come up with, is that he genuinely believed that he wouldn’t be caught, and that blame would fall on Muslims. 

It may be pointless to expect to understand the mind of such an individual, but we need to try so that we can possibly prevent further such tragedies, so that more families don’t have to mourn the victims of such attacks.


Abigail Essman has published an article which seems to see this act as an inevitable act of backlash against those intractable Muslim interlopers in Europe.  In the article, after saying that multi-culturalism has failed, and that many citizens blame politicians for “concessions” made to Muslims,  she says: But they do not breed goodwill; rather, the result is that Europeans feel increasingly – and understandably – threatened.  On far too many occasions, more extremist right wing groups have taken to striking back:  burning mosques, painting swastikas on Muslims’ homes, and committing similar acts of hate.  Breivik has simply taken a different approach: he attacked what he sees as the enablers — frustrated, perhaps, by a failure to vote them out of power.  It is a new form of protest, and he is the first to use it.  But I fear that, unless Europe begins demanding that its Muslim population live according to its Enlightenment traditions and the values of democracy, he will not be the last.

And, an article by David Hu on Asian Week: the Voice of Asian America goes so far as to suggest the following conspiracy theory:  So what if the Islamists who absolutely have targeted the likes of Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders were to recruit a prominent but unstable counter-jihad blogger, help him make a vehicle bomb and plan an attack, and they were willing to sustain friendly fire against the Labor Party? It’s certainly no crazier than the usual conspiracy theories out there that try to blame everything on Zionists and the Rothschilds.

Scott Keyes at Think Progress reports that Think Progress interviewed Frank Gaffney, and this is the text of a question and answer

THINKPROGRESS: Obviously we saw some horrific acts in Norway. I read in news reports that you yourself and the CSP had been mentioned seven separate times. Is that concerning that some people are using your rhetoric for violent ends?

GAFFNEY: I think there’s a lot yet to be determined about who this individual was and what exactly his agenda was. What’s very peculiar to me is the nature of this so-called manifesto, which seems about as unrelated to anything having to do with Norway or Norwegian nationalism as you can imagine. It’s basically entirely made up of, it’s a pastiche, a very eclectic pastiche at that, of American writers and some non-American writers but of a similar mind. It cries out for a thorough investigation as to whether it was in fact an authentic piece of his own creation, whether it’s a false flag operation, whether it actually was meant to do anything other than to contribute to Sharia’s efforts to suppress criticism and awareness of its agenda. Until we know the answers to some of those questions, I’m not going to go too far down the road of saying what its consequences might be.

Keyes comments and includes a video of the interview.  Absolutely beyond belief - Gaffney thinks Breivik’s manifesto might be a false flag operation - and since he says it contributes to Sharia’s efforts - that means the only possible culprits are, of course, Muslims.  And, this is the man who is advising Michelle Bachmann on foreign policy.

We will update as more information is available.


The Telegraph is reporting that Anders Behring Breivik was active in far-right politics, and had held several positions in one of Norway’s biggest parties, the Progress Party.  Voice of America reports that witness testimony seems to suggest that there was a second shooter on the island.

Charles Johnson who originally reported on the possible Fjordman Breivik connection has just posted an update stating that ... the right wing Swedish website “Tidningen Realisten,” which reported yesterday that the Oslo terrorist may have been notorious white nationalist blogger “Fjordman.” They acknowledge today that this isn’t the case, but they say Anders Behring Breivik himself claimed to be “Fjordman. 

Ali Abunimah reports in an article Norway suspect laid out detailed plans for violence against “traitors,” Muslims that there is a 1,500 page manuscript that Breivik himself wrote that lays out these plans.  He is said to have sent this manuscript out just hours before the attacks.  The full manuscript doesn’t seem to be available yet online, but excerpts are available here.  Perhaps, this will provide much more understanding of how his demented mind could justify this terrible act.

Also, just hours before the attacks, the Wall Street Journal reports that he posted a video on YouTube where he calls for conservatives to “embrace martyrdom.”  And, “[If] the multiculturalist elites of Europe continue to refuse to voluntarily transfer political and military power to our conservative revolutionary forces ... then [the second world war] is likely going to appear as a picnic compared to the coming carnage,” the video stated in captions.  The Village Voice has now made this video available here.  This link no longer works, but Islamophobia Today has a link to the video that does work here as of 7/24.  I have now watched the full video since it was made available on IT, and it is basically an A “martyr” video. 

It seems that in the past week or so he has been preparing for this attack with a propoganda blitz - his facebook page only went online in the past week, as did his twitter account, and then the manuscript and the video.  There will be a lot of material for the experts to analyze.  He obviously wanted to use the media to give this terrible act the maximum amount of publicity possible.  It seems that he is very media savvy and even made sure that the photographs available of himself were professional portraits not the usual perp hiding behind his arm while being arrested sorts of photographs. 

In reading the limited excerpts that have been put online in translation, I am struck by a similarity between this man’s seeming hope that he would be able to set off a war between Europe’s Christians and Muslims that would end in the expulsion of Muslims from Europe — and Charles Manson’s “helter-skelter” plot to start a race war in America.  Manson wanted to change society by instigating a race war — Breivik wanted to change society by instigating a religious war.  I am also struck by the similarity between Breivik’s manuscript and the infamous Muslim Brotherhood document. 

Paul Woodward reports in an article From Pamela Geller to Anders Behring Breivik — how Islamophobia turned deadly in Norway that although the killer may have acted on his own, he is part of a “a political movement — a movement whose leading ideologues regularly appear on Fox News and have high public profiles.”

Reuters reports that Anders Gravers, founder of Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE),  denies any contact with Breivik. 


There are beginning to be more excerpts of parts of Breivik’s manuscript/terrorist manual/manifesto titled “2083—A European Declaration of Independence” made available.  The Wall Street Journal has some passages including these:  “This is the big day you have been looking forward to for so long. Countless hours and perhaps years of preparation have rewarded you with this opportunity. Equip yourself and arm up, for today you will become immortal.”    After the “operation,” Mr. Breivik writes that “If you for some reason survive the operation you will be apprehended and arrested,” which will lead to the next phase—the judicial process, which the 32-year-old described as a propaganda phase in which “your trial offers you a stage to the world.”    In the document, Mr. Breivik writes how the “resistance” shouldn’t target Muslims or the extreme Left, but rather the regime. He also outlined why, in a number of earlier encounters, he had fled the scene when confronted with Muslim youths.    According to the document, “Muslims must be considered as wild animals. Do not blame the wild animals but rather the multiculturalist ... traitors who allowed these animals to enter our lands, and continue to facilitate them,” Mr. Breivik writes, adding that “traitors” includes 80% of politicians and 98% of journalists. 

Blake Hounsehell at Foreign Policy has more including In it, “Berwick” declares himself a “Justiciar Knight Commander,” a leading member of a “re-founded” Knights Templar group formed at an April 2002 meeting in London. He claims the founding group has 9 members, whom he does not name, and that three other sympathizers were not able to attend the original meeting.    “Our purpose,” the document reads, is to “seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda.”    In grim, apocalyptic language, it advocates attacks on “traitors” across Europe who are supposedly enabling a Muslim takeover of the continent.    “[W]e should… not exceed (per 2010) aprox. 45 000 dead and 1 million wounded cultural Marxists/multiculturalists in Western Europe,” the author writes. “The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance. The time for armed resistance has come.”

AlertNet has more here, and someone has generated a “word cloud” from the manifesto that is very informative here.

In his video and in the manifesto he refers to being a Crusader, and suggests that he is part of a new group of Knights Templar.  The video contains visuals of Crusader Knights and symbols.  It is obvious that he sees himself as part of a religious war.  The fact that he refers to a group of people meeting to form this Knights Templar also makes me hope that law enforcement is tracking these folks down and determining whether or not they also pose a threat.


Since this story originally broke, I have written a number of additional articles discussing various elements of this terrible tragedy. 

Much more information about Breivik is now available including the English translation of his complete manuscript.  I discuss this in the article The terrorist as public relations expert

The Islamophobes are objecting to being called Islamophobes, and I explain why I believe that this is an appropriate term in my article Islamophobia Can Be A Useful Term.

The Islamophobes are further attempting to distance themselves from Breivik.  I discuss whether or not any of the statements made by the far-right individuals and organizations that he admired and quoted could possibly bear any of the responsibility for the terrible actions of this man in the article Islamophobia does have consequences.  I discuss particular distancing attempts in the articles:  Henry Rochejaquelein:  Robert Spencer Discovers Another Mystery “Expert”, and Fjordman/Jensen “doesn’t want to be associated” with Breivik, and Spencer and Geller’s “Defense”: Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

Some among the Islamophobes actually sunk so low as to attack the victims of this massacre.  I discuss that in the article Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller Shamelessly Attack Memory of Norway Terror Victims


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