New Libyan Government: Statement of Libyan Ulema

New Libyan Government: Statement of Libyan Ulema

by Network of Free Ulema - Libya

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad, his Kin, and his Companions


Over the past few days, amidst the dreadful bloodshed of our beloved Martyrs (May God grace them with His infinite Compassion) we declared, on religious, moral, and humanitarian grounds, the illegitimacy of the criminal regime of Gaddafi, his family, and associates, and stressed the necessity of rejection and total rebellion against it.

Today, we thank God for giving us the honor of endorsing and fully supporting the Declarations of the Revolution of February 17th, 2011, announced by our brother Dr. Al-Tarhuni and broadcast locally over the past few days, and on Al-Jazeera (Arabic) this morning.

We witness before God the legitimacy and authority of the establishment of a new democratic government that is constitutional and that respects divinely endowed and internationally recognized human rights, the peaceful transition of power, diversity, an elected and clean government, the separation of powers (with checks and balances), that sincerely and faithfully strives to serve the brave men, women, and children of Libya with transparency, piety, and devotion.

We call upon all Muslims, male and female, to support this new government and to work hard to protect our sovereign and united Libya and its capital Tripoli. The blood of our Martyrs will not be in vain. The Libyan people will prevail and will emerge out of this ordeal united and strong.

We also call upon all Libyans to protect each other and to protect our guests from other countries. We also ask them to protect all infrastructures, including those of the oil industry. Our free armed forces and police officers and staff are especially called upon to stand by the Libyan people and protect innocent lives and the country’s assets.

We remind our brothers and sisters that sincerity, the seeking of God’s grace through grateful prayer, and mutual compassion, are key to building our country towards a fresh and glorious future, in full peaceful cooperation with all other countries, cultures, and faiths.

Issued this WEDNESDAY 23rd of February, 2011 for IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Network of Free Ulema - Libya

Just received from Sohail Nakhooda