Muslim Voices - Part I - Fatwas & Statements by Muslim Scholars & Organizations -  updated 5/13/2015

Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part I Fatwas & Formal Statements by Muslim Scholars & Organizations

compiled by Sheila Musaji

Note:  In addition to fatwas, numerous Muslim leaders, scholars, and organizations in the United States and other countries have spoken out against terrorism and extremism.  You can find further information in the following article collections.  We only list a few actual quotes here, but many more can be found in the collections. 
- Qur’an & Hadith against extremism  (see also power point presentations)
- Part II Statements by Organizations has now been included in Part I
- Part III Statements and Articles by Individuals (see also power point presentations)
- Muslim Voices Promoting Islamic Non Violent Solutions 
- Part IV A Few Quotes against extremism and terrorism A-K, and A Few Quotes against extremism and terrorism L-Z
- Part V The Muslim Majority Who Don’t Get Publicity (see also power point presentation)
- Muslims and Arabs in the U.S. Military
- Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism
- Sunni Shia Unity Resource

Islamic Networks Group ING has prepared a list of Global Condemnations of ISIS/ISIL


20 North American Imams Issue Fatwa Against Terrorists  2010

Fifty Muslim scholars issue fatwa against Taliban **

120 Muslim scholars from around the world release Open Letter To Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) Meticulously Blasting Its Ideology ** 2014

165 Somali religious leaders issued a fatwa condemning al-Shabaab **

6,000 Indian Ulama Islamic scholars endorsed a fatwa, called the Hyderabad Declaration, that declares that all forms of terrorism are against the spirit of Islam.  2008

A Common Word Between Us and You, Muslim Scholars Appeal to Christian Scholars for Dialogue and Peace on Eve of Eid 2007

A Joint Buddhist-Muslim Statement on Inter–Communal Violence in Burma 10/12

King Abdullah (Jordan) urges Muslims to unite against extremism 12/05

Abdullah, Sh. M. Nur, FCNA (U.S.)  minority rights & apostasy 3/06

Abdulkadir, Dr. Deina  FCNA (U.S.)  Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Abdullah, Shaikh Muhammad Nur (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Abu Dhabi conference - 500 Muslim scholars challenge extremist “fatwas”

ADAMS Center All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) condemns terrorism. condemns plot to attack the Armed Forces Recruitment Station in Catonsville, MD 12/10 -  The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) condemns alleged threat on Facebook against Washington DC Metro System -  ADAMS condemns attacks on Christians in Egypt and Nigeria.  - ADAMS encourages community members to report any suspicious behavior.  -  ADAMS condemns the attempted terror attack on a Delta-Northwest Airlines flight.  - ADAMS condemns the attack at Ft. Hood.  - ADAMS condemns the terror attacks in London 2005

Adi, Imam Tammam  - Fanatics and Terrorists are Misguided 9/02 - Adi, Imam Tammam - on War 5/2003

AESM Interfaith Dialogue Larnaca Action Plan 7/06

Afghan clerics issue fatwa against bin Laden 1999

Afghan Clerics Denounce Violence Against Women **

AAI-USA Condemns Iranian President’s Holocaust Denial Gathering 12/06

al Abidin, Ali Zain al Jifri Renowned Islamic Scholar (Yemen) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akgunduz, Rector, Islamic University of Rotterdam Netherlands - A Muslim cannot be a Terrorist and a Terrorist cannot be a Muslim

Allahu Murder, Manslaughter & Terrorism All in the Name of Allah

Al-Akiti, Shaykh Muhammad Afifi – against killing civilians 6/05 and [2]

All India Muslim Personal Law Board issues fatwa against forced marriages

Amjad, Moiz – Refutation of bin Laden’s defense of terrorism (Pakistan) 

al Alwani, Shaykh Taha Jabir  (U.S.)  against 9/11 attack 9/01 - Al Alwani, Dr. Taha Jabir (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Al Alwani, Shaikhah Zainab (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

al Alwini, Muhammad Head of European Academy of Islamic Culture & Sciences, Brussels (Belgium) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab al-‘Aqeel (Saudi Arabia) 2005 “Terrorism is the terror that is caused by those groups or individuals who resort to killing and wreaking havoc and destruction. Terrorism is therefore, according to the contemporary compilers of modern Arabic dictionaries, killing akin to the riotous killing that is mentioned within the texts of Shar’eeah. As the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wassallam) mentioned with regards to the signs of the end of time, the spread of ‘al-Harj’ (riotous killing). The meaning of ‘al-Harj’ is killing and the increase of the spilling blood, which is all from the signs of the end of time. To the extent that the one killing will not know why he is killing and the one that was killed will not know why he/she was killed. Islam is free from this riotous killing, free from this terrorism and free from this kind of corruption. Terrorism is established upon destruction of properties such as factories, farms, places of worship, train stations, airports and the likes; Islam is clearly free from such actions that are based upon corruption and not upon rectification. Terrorists usually say that they are going against the state in which they are based within. This is like the mafia or other criminal organisations that are based on killing people, causing fear and taking their monies. Such criminal organisations have leaders, deputies and individuals that are responsible for establishing regulations for the organisation and individuals responsible for carrying out attacks, and all of them are terrorists causing corruption on the earth. However the ugliest face of terrorism is that which is established in the name of religion, all of the religions from the Prophets (peace be upon them) are free from such terrorism, even if some of the followers of the Prophets participated in such terrorist activities, but the Prophets are free from such corruptions.”

al Awda, Salman ibn Fahad General Supervisor of “Islam Today” Institution (Saudi Arabia) 2/06   Danish cartoons and he denounces al Qaeda and bin Laden 10/07

Al-Awdah, Shaykh Salman (Saudi Arabia) condemns terrorism 5/03  

Al Azhari, Muhammad Akhtar Rida Head of Barelwi Ulama (India) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al Bouti, Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Department Chair of Theology, University of Damascus (Syria) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Dr Saleh Bin Fouzan Al Fouzan, a member of the Senior Clerics Commission of Saudi Arabia condemned terrorist activities carried out in Pakistan in the name of Islam by Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  7/09

Al Hanooti, Shaikh Muhammad (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

al-Hanooti, Sheikh Muhammad Ali - against 9/11 (U.S.) 9/01 “The people who attacked the WTC and Pentagon and hijacked the forth plane that crashed in Pennsylvania are criminal who deserve the severest punishment as the Quran elaborates. They are murderers and terrorists. If there were any person who felt happy for that incident we would not be able to equate them with those criminals, but we can say no one with faith and ethics would accept anything of that murder and targeting of innocent people.”

al-Hitar, Judge Hamoud (Yemen) he and four other Islamic scholars used Qur’an to challenge Al Qaeda’s views on terror 2/05

Al Husary, Yasmin Mahmud Khalil Head of Husary Islamic Foundation (Egypt) 2/06   Danish cartoons

al Jundi, Khalid Renowned Islamic Scholar (Egypt) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al Kahlawi, Abla Muhammad Dean of Islamic & Arabic Studies College at Azhar University, Port Said (Egypt) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al Khalili, Ahmad bin Hamad General Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman (Oman) 2/06   Danish cartoons

al Kubaysi, Ahmad Renowned Islamic spokesperson (Iraq) 2/06   Danish cartoons

al Luheidan, Shaikh Saleh Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council (Saudi Arabia) against 9/11 9/01  
Al Mansur, Muhammad bin Muhammad Islamic Scholar of the Zaydi branch(Yemen) 2/06   Danish cartoons

al Mazrui, Hamdan Muslim Assistant Undersecretary for Islamic Affairs in Ministry of Endowments (UAE) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al Milibari, Abu Bakr Ahmad Secretary General of Ahl al Sunna Association (India) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al Mashur, Abu Bakr al Adani bin Ali General Director of Islamic Tarbiya League (Yemen) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al-Munajid, Shaykh Muhammad, against violence  

Al Mutawwaa, Jasim Head of Iqra Satellite Channel (Kuwait) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al-Oudah, Sheikh Salman ibn Fahad, Saudi Arabia - statement rejecting bin Laden and al Qaeda 2007 - on obligation of Muslims to obey the laws of the country they live in 2011

al Qaradawi, Shaykh Yusuf (Qatar) against 9/11 attack 9/01 “All Muslims ought to be united against all those who terrorize the innocents, and those who permit the killing of non-combatants without a justifiable reason. Islam has declared the spilling of blood and the destruction of property as absolute prohibitions until the Day of Judgment. ... [It is] necessary to apprehend the true perpetrators of these crimes, as well as those who aid and abet them through incitement, financing or other support. They must be brought to justice in an impartial court of law and [punished] appropriately. ... [It is] a duty of Muslims to participate in this effort with all possible means.”  -  Al-Qaradawi, Shaykh Yusuf – condemns Bali attacks 10/02 “Islam not only prohibits attacking non-Muslims who do not launch attacks against Muslims, but it also urges Muslims to treat those non-Muslims with due respect and kindness, especially non-Muslims who live along with Muslims within the Islamic territories.  -  al Qaradawi, Shaykh Yusuf issues fatwa permitting building of places of worship for non-Muslims in Muslim countries 5/08 -  al-Qaradawi, Shaykh Yusuf - against harming places of worship (specifically a Jewish synagogue) 4/02 - -  against London bombings 2005 “We were dumbfounded by the grave news of the London bombings which killed tens and wounded hundreds of innocent people who committed no crime.  Even at the time of war when state armies battle face to face, it is not permissible to kill women, children, elders, priests, farmers and merchants; people we nowadays call civilians.  -  Al-Qaradawi, Shaykh Yusuf Jihad Renegotiated.  3/08 he urges the release of the Austrians being held by al Qaeda.

al Qarni, A’id Renowned Islamic Scholar (Saudi Arabia) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al Qazwini, Imam Sayed Moustafa rejects Al-Qaeda call to greet Pres. Bush with bombs in Palestine

Al Qudat, Nuh Ali Salman Renowned scholar of Jordan, former Mufti of the Jordanian Army (Jordan) 2/06   Danish cartoons

al Sabil, Shaykh Muhammad bin ‘Abdallah member of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars (Saudi Arabia) against terrorism, obligation to protect non Muslims 12/01 “Any attack on innocent people is unlawful and contrary to shari’a (Islamic law). ... Muslims must safeguard the lives, honor and property of Christians and Jews. Attacking them contradicts shari’a.”

al Saffar, Hasan Shiite Islamic Spokesperson (Saudi Arabia) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Ayatollah al-Udhma Yousof al-Sanei decreed a fatwa against suicide bombing, declaring it as a “terrorist act”. 2/2007

Dr. Salah al-Sawy Fatwa: Muslims in non-Muslim countries must obey laws of the land

al-Shaykh, Shaykh Abd al-Aziz bin Abdallah Al Shaykh of Saudi Arabia issues fatwa against suicide terrorist attacks 4/2001 “Firstly: the recent developments in the United States including hijacking planes, terrorizing innocent people and shedding blood, constitute a form of injustice that cannot be tolerated by Islam, which views them as gross crimes and sinful acts. Secondly: any Muslim who is aware of the teachings of his religion and who adheres to the directives of the Holy Qur’an and the sunnah (the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad) will never involve himself in such acts, because they will invoke the anger of God Almighty and lead to harm and corruption on earth.”  -  fatwa against terrorism 2004 “You must know Islam’s firm position against all these terrible crimes. The world must know that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy and goodness; it is a religion of justice and guidance…Islam has forbidden violence in all its forms. It forbids the hijacking airplanes, ships and other means of transport, and it forbids all acts that undermine the security of the innocent.”   - fatwa against London attack  2005 The London attacks, “targeting peaceful people, are not condoned by Islam, and are indeed prohibited by our religion. ... Attributing to Islam acts of individual or collective killings, bombings, destruction of properties and the terrorizing of peaceful people is unfair, because they are alien to the divine religion.” -  issues fatwa that denounced terror attacks as un-Islamic and condemned the killing of civilians, saying such attacks have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.  2/2010

Al-Sudeis, Sheikh Abdulrahman – (Saudi Arabia) tells 2 million pilgrims at Hajj that violence is not justified by Islam 1/05  

al-Sistani, Grand Ayatollah Ali issues fatwa to Muslims in Western nations, urging them to obey the laws of the countries in which they live. 6/06 He said in part: “Muslims have undertaken to obey the laws of the country of their residence and thus they must be faithful to that undertaking”.  It condemned all acts of violence and encouraged imams to keep a watchful eye on what’s going on inside their mosques.  “Any Muslim man or woman must act in the best interests of his or her country of residence by protecting it from all acts that might put this country in jeopardy.”

Shaykh Salih al-Suhaymi (Saudi Arabia) 2001 “Based upon what has preceded, then we say that that which we believe and hold as our religion concerning what happened to the World Trade Centre in America – and in Allaah lies success – that the terrorist attacks that took place and what occurred of general (mass) killing, then it is not permissible and Islaam does not allow it in any form whatsoever.”

al Suweidan, Tariq Renowned Islamic Spokesperson (Kuwait) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Al Tantawi, Shaykh Muhammed Sayyid Imam of al Azhar Mosque (Egypt) against 9/11 attack 9/01 “Attacking innocent people is not courageous, it is stupid and will be punished on the day of judgement. ... It’s not courageous to attack innocent children, women and civilians. It is courageous to protect freedom, it is courageous to defend oneself and not to attack.”   -  Al-Tantawi, Sheikh Muhammad Syed  Condemned suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, and all terrorism 12/01 -  condemned Russian school kidnapping 2004 -  against London bombings 2005 “Those responsible for London attacks are criminals who do not represent Islam or even truly understand (its message) ...  These crimes are not accepted by any religion. It is a barbarism wholly rejected by Islam  -  Al-Tantawi, Shaykh M. Sayyid condemns bin Laden 11/01

Alush Shaykh, Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Aziz Grand Mufti (Saudi Arabia) against 9/11 attack 9/01

Alush Shaykh, Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘AzizGrand Mufti (Saudi Arabia)  against suicide terrorism 5/01

al Zuhayli, Wahba Department Chair of Islamic Jurisprudence, College of Islamic Law, Damascus University (Syria) 2/06   Danish cartoons

AMANA issues a statement against any violence against “Burn a Qur’an” demonstration

American Muslim leaders release intrafaith code of honor Sunni Shia cooperation 4/07

American Muslim Joint Statement On Crisis In Iraq and ISIS

American and Canadian Muslims issue statement in defense of free speech 10/10

American Islamic Congress Launches New Anti-Suicide Bombing Campaign for Eid Al-Adha Holiday 2007

American Muslim Alliance, Agha Saeed  statement against 9/11 attacks

American Muslim Organizations  statement against 9/11 attacks by 15 organizations 9/01

American Muslim Organizations – condemn Berg beheading 5/04

American Muslim organizations condemn Fort Hood shooting 11/09

American Muslim Organizations Repudiate Anwar al-Awlaki’s Praise for Fort Hood Shooter 11/09

American Muslim Organizations Welcome Gadahn’s Arrest & Condemn His Call for Terrorism 3/10

American Muslim Organizations condemn the Times Square attempted bombing 4/10

American Muslim Organizations (MPAC, ISNA, CAIR) condemn attacks on churches in Alexandria, Egypt and Nigeria 1/11

American Muslim Organizations Condemn Brutal Killing of Pakistan’s Minister for Minorities 3/11

American Muslim Organizations’ (ISNA, MPAC, CAIR) Issue Statements on Pakistani Blasphemy Arrest 8/12

American Muslim CEO’s Fight Terrorism

American Muslim Petition to Saudi Arabia objecting to forced divorces and demanding reform

American Muslim Political Coordination Cuncil  statement against 9/11 attacks 9/01

American Muslim Alliance  (AMA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

American Muslim Foundation  (AMF) - - against 9/11 (U.S.)

American Muslim Imams and Community Leaders Statement on Holocaust Denial and anti-Semitism and ** 8/10

American Muslim Organizations condemn beheadings

American Muslim statement affirming Freedom of Faith “On Apostasy and Islam”,  signed by over 100 notable Muslim voices

American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice  (AMGPJ) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

American Muslims for Jerusalem  (AMJ) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

American Muslim Leaders call for release of journalist in Iraq 1/06

American Muslims Issue Statement Against Taliban Destruction of Buddhist Statues of Bamiyan by the Taliban

American Muslim Leaders Sign ‘Code of Honor’ to Promote Intrafaith Harmony between Sunni & Shia

American Muslims & Scholars denounce terrorism (signed by 57 leaders of National Islamic Organizations and 199 International scholars) 9/2002

AMMAN STATEMENT against Takfir, declaring that there are 8 schools of law - signed by 170 international scholars 2005

Amman Conference bans killings in name of Islam (signed by 180 scholars) 7/05

Ankara Declaration  Glocalization Conference (.pdf file)

Arab American Media Syndicate speaks out against extremism 3/04

Arab League condemns ISIS and calls on formation of national unity government in Iraq **

Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America Fatwa on Fort Hood

Assoc. of Muslim Health Professionals Statement regarding events in the UK

Australian Muslims  condemn 9/11 attack

Awwa, Muhammad S (Egypt)  against 9/11 attack 9/01

Badawi, Jamal FCNA (U.S.)  minority rights & apostasy 3/06

  Badawi, Dr. Jamal (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Shaikh Zaki Badawi of the U.K. Council of Imams condemned the 2005 London bombings

  Bagby, Dr. Ihsan (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Bakri, Shaykh Omar leader of al Muhajirun (a radical group) (England) against 9/11 ** If Islamists did it—and most likely it is Islamists, because of the nature of what happened—then they have fully misunderstood the teachings of Islam. ... Even the most radical of us have condemned this. I am always considered to be a radical in the Islamic world and even I condemn it. ** 9/01

Bangladeshi Imams denounce bomb terrorism 12/05

Bayyoumi, Abdel Mo’tei al Azhar Islamic Research Academy, Cairo (Egypt) against 9/11 attack 9/01 “There is no terrorism or a threat to civilians in jihad [religious struggle].”

Belkaziz, Dr. AbdelaouahedSecretary General of the OIC   against 9/11 attack 9/01  

Shaikh Abdullah bin Bayyah Professor in King Abdalaziz University Jeddah (Mauritania) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Sheik Abdullah bin Bayyah Issues Fatwa Against ISIS Violence ** 2014

Bishri, Tariq (Egypt)  against 9/11 attack 9/01

British Muslim Council (Britain) condemnation of London bombing & Fatwa against terrorism signed by 500 leaders 7/05

British Muslim Council condemns Glasgow and London terror attacks 6/07

British Muslim Scholars  - against terrorism (signed by 500 scholars) 7/05

British Muslim leaders issue fatwa against ISIS/ISIL ** 2014

CAIR backs FCNA fatwa against terrorism

CAIR-LA Condemns Two Southern Calif. anti-Jewish Incidents of Bombing, Hate Crime 8/11 — CAIR condemns bin Laden’s Praise for 9/11 hijacker 9/07 — CAIR Repudiates ‘American Al-Qaida’ Video Threats 5/07 — CAIR  Condemns murder of Daniel Pearl 2/02 — Council on American Islamic Relations  (CAIR) - against 9/11 (U.S.)  — CAIR condemns bin Laden’s praise for 9/11 hijacker 9/07 — CAIR condemns Iranian holocaust denial conference 12/06 — CAIR Condemns Mumbai Bombings   7/06 — CAIR Condemns Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest   2/06 — CAIR condemns Egyptian Bomb Attacks 7/05 — CAIR Not in the name of Islam petition (U.S.)  signed by 691,531 Muslims 5/04 — CAIR Day of Unity and Prayer 9-11-03 — CAIR condemns Beslan killings 9/04 — CAIR condemns burning of Nigerian churches 2/06 — CAIR condemns Philippines airport bombing 3/03 CAIR-CANcondemns attack on Passover celebration in Israel 3/02 — CAIR calls for release of all hostages in Iraq 2004
CAIR launches TV ad campaign against terrorism 10/06 — CAIR Condemns Attack On Seattle Jewish Center 2006 — CAIR supports house resolution 32 a call to end human rights violations against women including genital mutiliation.  10/9/07 — CAIR-CAN condemns vandalism of Jewish homes in Toronto 3/04 — CAIR-CAN condemns rape of Mukhtaran Mai in Pakistan 7/02 — CAIR-CAN condemns killing of innocent Christians in Pakistan 10/01 — CAIR-CAN  offers condolences to Coptic Christian community 1/05
120 Canadian Imams issue fatwa against terrorism and extremism 7/05

CAIR Condemns ISIS Violence and Rejects Calls to Join Extremists Fighting Abroad

Canadian Council of Imams Strongly Condemns Barbaric Act of Vandalism Against Synagogue 8/11

Canadian Council of Imams condemns ISIS/ISIL ** 2014

Canadian Muslims  condemn anti-Jewish article 1/04

Canadian Muslim Organizations Urge ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Domestic Violence (signed by 20 organizations) 12/07

Canadian Muslims condemn church attack in Pakistan 3/02

Canadian Muslims condemn vandalism of Jewish synagogues 4/02

Canadian Society of Muslims (Canada) against 9/11 attack 9/01

Canadian Society of Muslims (Canada) against 9/11 attack 9/01

Catholic-Muslim Statement on Globalization 7/01

Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia (CDHR) Condemns Attacks on Coptic Egyptian Christians 8/11

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) Statement (signed by 200 scholars) 10/01— Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy CSID - Statement on 9/11 — CSID Statement on London Attacks 7/05

Center for Understanding Islam (CUI) Condemns the Alleged Terrorists’ Evil Plan - Call to Action for Muslim Community Leaders 5/07

Center for Understanding Islam  - Fundamentalism, Extremist and Terrorism

Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti of Bosnia - A Declaration of European Muslims

Collection of Fatwas against FGM **

Collection of fatwas and statements against terrorism by Charles Kurzman **

Coalition of Islamic Organizations of Chicago condemn London bombings 7/05

Christian and Muslim Scholars issue joint Condemnation of ‘Inhumane’ Attack on Baghdad Church 11/10 (His Royal Highness, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal of Jordan; Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Al-Sharif, general secretary of the World Islamic Call Society; the World Council of Churches; and representatives of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Protestant Evangelical and Pentecostal traditions.)

Conclusive scholarly opinions condemning ISIS

Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations  (CCMO) - - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Council of Senior Religious Scholars (Saudi Arabia) terrorism & responsibility to report 6/04

Council of Ulema (Saudi Arabia)  against terrorism 2/03

Council of Supreme Scholars (Saudi Arabia) fatwa against all terrorism, and financing of terrorism 4/2010 declared “any act of terrorism, including providing financial support to terrorists, a crime,” regardless of where it takes place ...  the financier of acts of terrorism will be considered a “partner” in the crime.

Dar ul Ehsaan (U.S.) – condemns all acts of terrorism

Delhi Muslim Conference condemns terrorism (India) 3/06

Deoband (Dar al Uloom) scholars denounce terrorism as against Islam, will circulate statement to all madrassas in India/Pakistan 2/2008

Deoband seminary in India issues fatwa against polygamy [ul=]**[/url]

Dutch Muslim Organizations condemn ISIS ** 8/14

Dr. Ali Asghar Engineer (India) condemns violence against Indian Christians 3/2010

European Muslim Leaders reject al Qaeda’s call for murder of Swedish cartoonist 10/07

Europe - Over 400 groups sign European Muslim ‘charter of values’ pledging tolerance and respect for the laws of the countries in which they live.  1/08

Shaikh Fawzy el Zefzaf of Al Azhar against 2005 London bombings

Fadaq, Abdullah Renowned Islamic Spokesperson (Saudi Arabia) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Mohammed Fadel on honor killing 2006

The Federation of Islamic Entities and the Muslim Communities in Latin America condemn ISIS/ISIL ** 2014

Fadlallah, Muhammad Husayn Renowned Shiite Scholar (Lebanon) 2/06   Danish cartoons -  Fadlallah, Muhammad Husayn Renowned Shiite Scholar (Lebanon)  against 9/11 9/01 “Beside the fact that they are forbidden by Islam, these acts do not serve those who carried them out but their victims, who will reap the sympathy of the whole world. ... Islamists who live according to the human values of Islam could not commit such crimes.”   -  He condemned the 2005 London bombings - Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah grand ayatollah on meaning of Jihad 7/07 -  Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah issues fatwa against honor killings 8/2007 -  He has spoken specifically against bin Laden He preaches that they were “not compatible with Shariah law,” the Koranic legal code, nor with the Islamic concept of jihad, and that the perpetrators were not martyrs as Mr. bin Laden has claimed, but “merely suicides,” because they killed innocent civilians, and in a distant land, America. In an interview with a Beirut newspaper, Al Safir, Sheik Fadlallah again accused Mr. bin Laden of having ignored Koranic texts.  “There is no concept of jihad as aggressive combat,” he said, quoting verses of the Koran that Islamic theologians have argued over for centuries. In misreading these texts, he said, Mr. bin Laden had relied on “personal psychological needs,” including a “tribal urge for revenge.”

Faqih, Kaya Hajji Abdullah Head of Langitano Academy, Islamic Scholar, East Java(Indonesia) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Federation of Islamic Organizations (New Zealand)  against 9/11 attacks

Fiqh Council of North America FCNA  - against terrorism (U.S.) 7/05 (endorsed by 130 Muslim organizations and leaders in the U.S

Fiqh Council of North America FCNA Resolution: On Being Faithful Muslims and Loyal Americans  11/11

FCNA condemned the Taliban shooting of Malala Yousufzai *

Fiqh Council of North America Renews Fatwa Against Religious Extremism 12/07

French Muslim Leaders  Rioting, 11/05

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, founder of Al-Mawrid, institute of Islamic education research undermining excuses given by those supporting terrorism

Ghannoushi, Rashid President, Nahda Renaissance Movement (Tunisia)  condemning 9/11 attack 9/01 signed by 46 scholars & leaders “Such destruction can only be condemned by any Muslim, however resentful one may be of America’s biased policies supporting occupation in Palestine, as an unacceptable attack on thousands of innocent people having no relation to American policies. Anyone familiar with Islam has no doubt about its rejection of collective punishment, based on the well-known Quranic principle that ‘no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another.’”

Gomaa, Dr. Ali, Grand Mufti of Egypt stands by Fatwa that women may lead Islamic nations.  -  Dr. Ali Gomah, Grand Mufti of Egypt bans female genital mutilation 6/07 -  Ali Gomaa, grand mufti of Egypt on meaning of Jihad 7/07 - Sh. Ali Gomaa Fatwa Against Child Marriage - Sh. Ali Gomaa issues answers to questions from American Muslims.  -  Sh. Ali Gomaa counters extremism[/url]

Hafeez, Umar bin Muhammad bin Salem bin Dean of Dar al Mustafa Institute, Hadramawt (Yemen) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Hammad, Dr. Nazih (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Hassun, Ahmad Badr al Din General Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Hamada, Faruq Professor of Hadith Studies, Muhammad V University(Morocco) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Hamza, Mustafa bin Professor of Islamic Law, Muhammad I University,(Morocco) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Hijjawi, Saeed AbdalHafizGeneral Mufti of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan(Jordan) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Hindi, Shaikh Yahya (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Human Development Foundation - Call to join the movement for the eradication of terrorism (U.S.) 9/02

Huwaydi, Fahmi (Egypt)  against 9/11 attack 9/01

Huzami, Haji Muhammad ShafiRenowned Islamic Scholar of Jakarta (Indonesia) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Anwar Ibrahim Statement on Malaysian Church Bombings 1/10

Indian Muslim Council of U.S. IMC condemns Delhi blasts 10/08

IMC-USA condemns Jaipur blasts; Demands transparent investigation of the incident   5/08

IMC-USA condemns destruction of churches in Orissa, India 12/07

Indian Muslim Intellectuals Condemn Pak Punjab Governor’s Killing
Indian Muslim Leaders Condemn Taliban’s ‘Jizya’ On Sikhs in Pakistan 5/09

Indian Muslim Leaders Condemn Attacks on Christian Properties in Kashmir 9/10

Indian Muslim scholars of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat Condemn Taliban’s ‘Jizya’ On Sikhs in Pakistan **

International group of scholars rules female circumcision (female genital mutilation FGM) un-Islamic 11/06

International Islamic Organizations Denounce 9/11 Attack

International Islamic Conference, Sri Lanka 12/02

International Union of Islamic Scholars condemns attacks on Egyptian Coptic Christians 1/11

Shaikh Muhammad Yusuf Islahi 2001 “The sudden barbaric attack on innocent citizens living in peace is extremely distressing and deplorable. Every gentle human heart goes out to the victims of this attack and as humans we are ashamed at the barbarism perpetrated by a few people. Islam, which is a religion of peace and tolerance, condemns this act and sees this is as a wounding scar on the face of humanity. I appeal to Muslims to strongly condemn this act, express unity with the victims’ relatives, donate blood, money and do whatever it takes to help the affected people.”  

Islam America - Overcoming religiously motivated violence

Islamic Circle of North America  (ICNA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)  — Islamic Circle of North America Condemns London Bombings 7/05

Islamic Commission of Spain, Fatwa against bin Laden 3/05 -  Islamic Commission of (Spain)  Fatwa against terrorism 3/05

Islamic Cultural Center of Ireland condemns ISIS/ISIL actions ** 2014

Islamic Media Foundation  (IMF) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Islamic Medical Society of North America - against U.K. bomb plot

Islamic Information Center condemns fatal attack on Christian charity workers in Afghanistan 8/10

Islamic Society of North America, ISNA (U.S.)  Statement Against Terrorism and Religious Extremism 8/05   This 2 page flier is available as a PDF and is the best short statement available and should be printed out and widely shared.Islamic Society of North America ISNA (U.S.)  Terrorism is not in the name of Islam signed by 72 scholars and leaders 5/04 — ISNA Rejects All Expressions of Racism and Bigotry 7/09 — ISNA Commends Malaysian Court Ruling that Affirms Religious Freedom of Christians (issue of use of word Allah) 1/10 — Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Condemns U.K. Bombings — ISNA Condemns the Anti Christian Riots in Pakistan 8/09 — Islamic Society of North America ISNA Joins Call for End to Torture 6/06 — ISNA Condemns Plots to Attack Synagogues and National Targets   5/09 — Islamic Society of North America Condemns London Bombings 7/05 — ISNA Islamic response to domestic violence   —ISNA Strongly Condemns Bhutto Assassination: Offers Condolences to Families of Deceased 12/07 — Islamic Society of North America - statement “Who We Are and What We Believe”  specifically rejects any terrorism including that carried out by Hamas and Hesbollah.  9/07 — Islamic Society of North America, ISNA UNITES WITH CHRISTIANS AGAINST NUCLEAR WEAPONS 11/07 — “The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) condemns in the strongest terms the recent acts of terrorism in Glasgow, London and Yemen. We reaffirm our long-standing, unqualified condemnation of all acts of terrorism and all acts of violence committed against the innocent, and our denunciation of religious extremism and particularly the use of Islam to justify terrorism in any of its forms. We sympathize with the victims of these senseless attacks and offer our heart-felt condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones.”  7/07 — The Islamic Society of North America ISNA Condemns New Year’s Attacks in Egypt and Nigeria 1/11

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada a Fatwa reminding Muslims that honour killings, domestic violence and misogyny are un-Islamic actions and crimes in Islam *

Izzat, Hiba RaoufLecturer in College of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University (Egypt) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Jackson, Dr. Abdul Hakim (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Jamaat Ahl-e-Sunnah scholars (Pakistan) declared suicide attacks and beheadings as un-Islamic in a unanimous resolution. 5/09

Jumua, AliGrand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Kachat, LarbiDirector of Dawah Mosque and Head of the Islamic Cultural Center, Paris (France) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Karamah, Zina, rape and Islamic Law: an Islamic legal analysis of the rape laws in Pakistan, A Position Paper by KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights

Ayatollah Emami Kashani of Iran condemned the 2005 London bombings

Kashmiri, Anzar ShahHead of Ulama of Deoband (India) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Khalid, Rashid, Maulana Darul Ifta Firangai Mahal (Lucknow, India)  attacking houses of worship & terrorism 3/06

Khamene’i, Ayatollah Ali supreme jurist ruler of (Iran)  ** “Killing of people, in any place and with any kind of weapons, including atomic bombs, long range missiles, biological or chemical weapons, passenger or war planes, carried out by any organization, country or individuals is condemned. ... It makes no difference whether such massacres happen in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Qana, Sabra, Shatila, Deir Yassin, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq or in New York and Washington.” ** Islamic Republic News Agency, September 16, 2001, 

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued the Fatwa that “the production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons are forbidden under Islam and that the Islamic Republic of Iran shall never acquire these weapons.” 8

Khatami, Muhammad President (Iran) at U.N. against 9/11 attack 9/01 “[T]he September 11 terrorist blasts in America can only be the job of a group that have voluntarily severed their own ears and tongues, so that the only language with which they could communicate would be destroying and spreading death.”

Khatami, Muhammad President Iran at Harvard Condemns bin Laden

Khayyat, Haytham (Syria)  against 9/11 attack 9/01

Leaders of Chicago Area Mosques (U.S.) Support FCNA Fatwa Against Terrorism 7/05

Leading UK Muslim Sunni & Shia scholars condemn ISIS

League of Arab States   against 9/11 attack 9/01

London Declaration for Global Peace & Resistance against Extremism signed by many scholars 9/11

Maghraoui, Dr. Mukhtar (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Imam Mohamed Majid on countering violent extremism in America.  - Imam Majid The Deviant Theology of Violent Extremists

Majlis Ash-Shura of Metropolitan New York issues Statement On Combating Ethnic and Religious Intolerance.  9/10

MARDIN CONFERENCE STATEMENT – Understanding Ibn Taymiyyah’s Fatwa  Mardin statement in Turkey declared that the fatwa by 14th century scholar Ibn Taymiyya rules out militant violence and the medieval Muslim division of the world into a “house of Islam” and “house of unbelief” no longer applies. Osama bin Laden has quoted Ibn Taymiyya’s “Mardin fatwa” repeatedly in his calls for Muslims to overthrow the Saudi monarchy and wage jihad against the United States.  Referring to that historical document, the weekend conference said: “Anyone who seeks support from this fatwa for killing Muslims or non-Muslims has erred in his interpretation.  “It is not for a Muslim individual or a Muslim group to announce and declare war or engage in combative jihad ... on their own.”

Mustafa Mashhur General Guide, Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt)  condemning 9/11 attack 9/01 signed by 46 scholars & leaders

Mehmed, Sultan II, Firman on Bosnian Franciscans - issued in 1463

Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs of Morocco sending Imams to Europe to counter extremists 7/08

Mirzayev, Sultan mufti of (Chechnya)  declares Jihad on terrorism 8/05

Moscow Conference Against Terrorism (Russia) 250 leaders signed statement against terrorism 6/04

Muhammad, Dr. Akbar (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Sh. Abdul Hakim Murad (Britain) 2001 “Targeting civilians is a negation of every possible school of Sunni Islam. Suicide bombing is so foreign to the Quranic ethos that the Prophet Samson is entirely absent from our scriptures.” Bin Laden’s Violence is a Heresy Against Islam - Murad, Shaikh Abdul Hakim - Islamic Spirituality: the Forgotten Revolution -  Murad, Abdul Hakim - What Islam really says about violence, human rights, and other religions -  Murad, Abdul Hakim  - Recapturing Islam From the Terrorists -  Murad, Abdul Hakim  - Muslim Terrorists Embrace a Very Secular Heresy - Murad, Abdal-Hakim against 9/11 (Britain)  -  Murad, Abdul Hakim - Bombing Without Moonlight 6/05 -  Murad, Sheikh Abdul Hakim  - Bin Laden’s Violence Is a Heresy Against Islam (Britain)

Muslim, Arab, & Interfaith Organizations Condemn Attacks on U.S. Embassies 9/12

Muslim Public Affairs Council MPAC condemns heinous criminal terrorist act against Egyptian Church on New Years Day 1/11 — MPAC Mosque Guidelines to Fight TerrorismMPAC Post 9/11 terrorism database - A tracking of plots by Muslim and non-Muslim violent extremists against the United States — MPAC Review of U.S. Counterterrorism policy with recommendations — MPAC National Grassroots Campaign to Fight TerrorismMPAC Building Bridges to Strengthen America: Building an Effective Counterterrorism Enterprise between Muslim Americans and Law Enforcement.” — MPAC Unequivocally Condemns Seattle Murder at Jewish Federation 7/06 — MPAC calls on Muslim communities worldwide to condemn Shia massacres 2/10 — MPAC statement on alledged Fort Dix Terror Plot 5/07 — MPAC statement: Killing of Ahmadis in Pakistan a Shocking Crime Against Humanity 5/10 — MPAC Condemns Michigan Militia Plot & Attacks on Moscow Subway 3/10 — MPAC issues position paper No Compulsion in Religion: A Faith-Based Critique of the ‘Defamation of Religions’ Concept, in support of free speech, and a critique of global blasphemy law 12/11

Muslim American Society MAS Freedom Welcomes Saudi King’s Pardon of ‘Qatif Girl’ But Reiterates the Need for Change in Saudi Arabia 12/07 — Muslim American Society  (MAS)  - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Muslim Arab Youth Association  (MAYA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Muslim Alliance of North America  (MANA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Muslim Brotherhood an opposition Islamist group (Egypt) against 9/11 attack 9/01

Muslim Council of Britaincondemns lunatic fringe 9/01 and [2]

Muslim Council of Britain statement against honor killings 2000

Muslim Council of Britain organizes rally against extremism 2/2006

Muslim Doctors and Dentists Assoc. of UK - Statement on UK Bombings

Muslim Intellectual Forum of India Condemns Attack on Taslima Nasreen 8/07

MPAC Muslim Public Affairs Council (U.S.) condemns London bombing 7/05
MPAC condemns violence against Ahmadi community in Pakistan 3/10
MPAC Condemns Violence Against Shia in Pakistan 8/12
MPAC Supports Effort to Combat Hatred Through Free Speech, Releases Critique of Global Blasphemy Law 12/11

Muslim scholars condemn beheading of Nicholas Berg

Muslim Organizations & Scholars Condemn Boko Haram **

Muslim Student Organization MSA (U.S.) Condemns London Bombings 7/05

Muslim Student Association (MSA), Islamic Association for Palestine  (IAP) - against 9/11 (U.S.)]

Muslim Women’s League Position Paper on “Honor Killings” - Muslim Women’s League - against female genital mutilation - against violence against women - condemning ‘honor’ killing in Pakistan - condemning Kidnapping of Jill Carroll - condemning burning of churches in Nigeria - numerous other statements

Naples Interfaith Meeting, Communiqué by Muslim Scholars from the Naples Encounter “For a World Without Violence” 2007

Nasr, Seyyed Hossein – Islam and the question of violence - Nasr, Seyyed Hossein  - Civilizational Dialogue and the Islamic World -

Nigerian Muslim scholars denounce “fatwa” calling for journalists death 2002

Nigerian Muslim scholar, Dr. M. Abdul Islam Ibrahim issues fatwa against Boko Haram ** 2012

Nizami, Mufti Rahman, Ameer Jamaat e Islami (Bangladesh)  condemning 9/11 attack 9/01 signed by 46 scholars & leaders

Nour, Fazil President, PAS   Parti Islam Se (Malaysia)  condemning 9/11 attack 9/01 signed by 46 scholars & leaders

Organization of the Islamic Conference Foreign Ministers  against 9/11 attack 10/01 —  Organization of the Islamic Conference Summit OIC Conference  against 9/11 attack 12/01 — OIC Conference Makkah Declaration on Iraq situation - houses of worship, sunni shia violence, 11/06

Pakistan, 40 scholars issue fatwa against honor killings 2006

Pakistan-American Congress condemns bombing in Pakistan 4/06

Pan African Women’s Organization fatwa against female genital mutilation 5/11

Peace for Humanity Rally and Declaration for Global Peace attended by 12,000 Muslims and hundreds of scholars in London 9/11

Punjabi chief Mufti issues fatwa against terrorism 7/2006

Qabbani, Muhammad Rashid General Mufti of Lebanon (Lebanon) 2/06   Danish cartoons    

Qazi Hussain Ahmed Ameer, Jamaat e Islami (Pakistan)  condemning 9/11 attack 9/01 signed by 46 scholars & leaders

Philippines - Muslims of Mindanao issue statement against those who threatened the bishop of Basilan 7/08

Qazwini, Shaikh Hassan (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Rabbani, Shaykh Faraz  on kidnapping and terrorism

Maulana Marghubur Rahman, Dar ul-Ulum Deoband madrasa (India)  2/2008 “We condemn all forms of terrorism ... and in this we make no distinction. Terrorism is completely wrong, no matter who engages in it, and no matter what religion he follows or community he belongs to.”

Rashid, Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid  - Fundamentals and Fundamentalism: A Parting of the Ways in Islam 9/02

Rauf, Imam Feisal Abdul (U.S.) - A Call to Conscience 2/06 -  Rauf, Imam Feisal Abdul - Bridging the Chasm Between East and West -  Rauf, Imam Feisal What Is the Contribution of Religions Towards Peace?

Religions Denounce Terrorism Conference 2003 Turkey

Russian scholars Ulama Council issues fatwa denouncing ISIS/ISIL ** 2015

Sabri, Ikrimah Mufti of Jerusalem (Palestine) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Dr. Sayed G. Safavi (Iran) 2001 “The targeting of innocent persons cannot be allowed. Islam is against any form of terrorism, whether it be carried out by an individual, a group or a state. ... For Muslims to kill civilians unconnected with any attack on them is a crime. The principal law of Islam is: don’t attack civilians. This includes civilians of any faith, whether Jewish, Muslim or Christian. According to Islam, all people are the family of God. The target of religion is peace.”

Saudi religious scholars issue fatwa against terrorism 6/04

Saudi religious scholars issue fatwa against ISIS/ISIL ** 2014

Saudi  scholars define what is Jihad and what is terrorism

Sayf, Ahmad NurDirector of Islamic Sciences & Research Institute (UAE) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Scholars Taskforce Against Terrorism (Indonesia) religious scholars   fatwa against terrorism and public education 11/05

Shah, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Shakir, Imam Zaid - Islam and Honor Killings 1/08 -  Shakir, Imam Zaid - against honor killings 1/08 - Shakir, Imam Zaid – On the terrorist attacks -
Shakir, Imam Zaid We Are All Collateral Damage - Zaik Shakir on countering violent extremism in America.

Imam Hesham Shashaa, Munich, Germany speaks out against radicals 5/10

Shia Personal Law Board in India Calls for Anti-‘Terror’ Campaign, passes resolution condemning terrorism 11/05

Shleibak, Dr. Ahmad (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Shaltoot, Sh. Mahmood (Saudi Arabia) former head of Al Azhar (Egypt) on permissibility of following Shia schools of law 12/02

Sheikh, Dr. Muhammad Adam (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Shinwari, Fazli Hadi Council of Islamic Leaders (Afghanistan) against kidnapping & harming foreigners 5/05

Siddiqi, Dr. Muzammil H (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05 - on jihad and terrorism 7/07 -  Siddiqi, Dr. Muzammil on partitions between men and women in mosques   1/07 -  Siddiqui, Dr. Muzammil  - Jihad, Its True Meaning and Purpose (U.S. 9/02 -  Siddiqui, Dr. Muzammil Statement on Nuclear Disarmament 6/06 -  Siddiqui, Muzammil Healing Our Brokeness

Syed Soharwardy issues fatwa against ISIS ** and 38 Canadian Imams signed the formal statement against ISIS recruiting in Canada ** 2015

Somali Muslim scholars issue fatwa against al-Shabab ** 2013

Sultan, Dr. Salah (U.S.)  FCNA Fatwa against terrorism 7/05

Sunni Ittehad Council of Pakistan issued a fatwa condemning the Taliban shooting of Malala Yousufzai **

Sunni Muslim Groups in Iraq Condemn Kidnapping 

Sunni Shia Dialogue to Save Lives - RESOLUTION of the Shia-Sunni Dialogue To Save Lives

Syrian scholars - Official statement from the Hay’at al-Shām al-Islāmiyyah of Syrian scholars on the invalidity of ‘Caliphate’ of al-Baghdadi and ISIS

Shaikh M. Tahir ul-Qadri head of the Awami Tehrik Party (Pakistan)  against 9/11 attack 10/01 “Bombing embassies or destroying non-military installations like the World Trade Center is no jihad. ... “[T]hose who launched the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks not only killed thousands of innocent people in the United States but also put the lives of millions of Muslims across the world at risk. ... Bin Laden is not a prophet that we should put thousands of lives at risk for.”  -  Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, 600 page fatwa against terrorism [2], M. Tahir-Ul-Qadri – condemns bin Laden (Pakistan)  - condemns all terrorism [4] in a comprehensive 600 page fatwa dealing with every possible attempted justification.  90-page summary here 2/10 —Al Qadiri, Muhammad Tahir Founder of Minhaj ul Quran International Organization (Pakistan) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Taskhiri, Muhammad AliSecretary General of the International Assembly for Understanding between the Islamic Sects (Iran) 2/06   Danish cartoons

Taisaruddin Mufti of Darul Ifta Majidia (Varanasi, India)  attacking houses of worship & terrorism

Bashir-ud-din, Grand Mufti of Kashmir has denounced killings in name of Islam. 2/2008

Turkish Imams issue fatwa against ISIS ** 7/2015

United Association for Studies and Research (UASR) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Universal Muslim Americans Association (UMAA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)
Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) Condemnation of Massacre of Shi’a Pilgrims outside Quetta, Pakistan 9/11

U.S. Imams Say Iraq Hostage-Takers Violate Islamic Beliefs 2004

U.S. Muslim leaders denounce Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), pledge to dissuade youth from joining - 25 organizations ** 2014

U.S. Muslim scholars issue fatwa against terrorism FCNA 7/05

Usmani, Sh.Grand Mufti, Dar ul Uloom (Punjab, India)  terrorism 7/06

World Muslim Congress American Muslims Condemn the London Plot

The World Shia Forum condemned the attack by the Taliban on Malala Yousufzai [ul=]**[/url]

World Muslim Congress condemns the demolition of Hindu Temple in Lahore 6/06

Yassin, Shaykh Ahmad Founder, Islamic Resistance Movement HAMAS (Palestine)  condemning 9/11 attack 9/01 signed by 46 scholars & leaders

Yilmaz, Mehmed Nuri Directorate of Religious Afairs (Turkey)  against 9/11 attack 9/01 “Any human being, regardless of his ethnic and religious origin, will never think of carrying out such a violent, evil attack. Whatever its purpose is, this action cannot be justified and tolerated.”

Hamza Yusuf “Religious zealots of any creed are defeated people who lash out in desperation, and they often do horrific things. And if these people [who committed murder on September 11] indeed are Arabs, Muslims, they’re obviously very sick people and I can’t even look at it in religious terms. It’s politics, tragic politics. There’s no Islamic justification for any of it. ... You can’t kill innocent people. There’s no Islamic declaration of war against the United States. I think every Muslim country except Afghanistan has an embassy in this country. And in Islam, a country where you have embassies is not considered a belligerent country. In Islam, the only wars that are permitted are between armies and they should engage on battlefields and engage nobly. The Prophet Muhammad said, ``Do not kill women or children or non-combatants and do not kill old people or religious people,’’ and he mentioned priests, nuns and rabbis. And he said, ``Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees and do not poison the wells of your enemies.’’ The Hadith, the sayings of the Prophet, say that no one can punish with fire except the lord of fire. It’s prohibited to burn anyone in Islam as a punishment. No one can grant these attackers any legitimacy. It was evil.” 2001 -  Yusuf, Hamza (USA) 2/06 on Danish cartoons -  denouncing holocaust denial  -  Shaykh Yusuf, Hamza – A Time for Introspection -  Yusuf, Shaykh Hamza - Holocaust Denial Undermines Islam - Yusuf, Shaykh Hamza - America’s Tragedy Yusuf, Shaykh Hamza VIDEO on Jihad. He takes the story of Prophet Musa (Moses) as an example to explain jihad.




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