Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part V The Muslim Majority - article collection

Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part V The Muslim Majority

compiled by Sheila Musaji

updated 10/28/08

Ordinary Muslims Acting for Peace & Justice and contributing to society

A Forgotten Covenant, Charter of Privileges to St. Catherine’s Monastery

A Small Step Toward Interfaith Dialogue, Akbar S. Ahmed,

Rame Abdeljaber, a Lake County Sheriff correctional officer

Khaled Abdelwahab - Wiesenthal Center honors one of Shoah’s righteous Arabs - Tunisian Muslim who saved Jews during WWII

Edward Muneer Abdulmumin devotes life to helping California’s disadvantaged youth

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf offers strategies to heal West-Islam rift

Abusida, Dawud Isa a Muslim cab driver dies helping police officer in Arizona

Adams Center Mosque holds Passover Seder

African American Islamic Institute (AAII)

Ahmed, Akbar and Judea Pearl—Two years ago American journalist Daniel Pearl was murdered in Pakistan. His father, Judea, chose to encourage Muslims and Jews all over the world to reach out to one another to build relationships. He models his idea by travelling and speaking with Muslim Akbar Ahmed, another university educator, as a living example of redeeming violent death by treating a root cause—ignorance of one another, not listening, not feeling heard and understood. Judea’s newly established Daniel Pearl Foundation.

Alexandria Process, Peace Conference in Cairo,

Joseph Algazy My Fellow Muslims, We Must Fight Anti-Semitism

al-Hattar, Hamoud, Yemen, A Benevolent Alternative to Osama bin Laden

Alexandria Process Peace Conference in Cairo

Ali, Muhammad greatest boxing champion of all time.

Ali, Syed Muslim hero keeps synagogue from being torched

Al Saud, Prince Sultan ibn Salman ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz first Muslim astronaut

American Muslim Coalition, Saint Louis Raises $10,000 for Backstoppers

American Muslims donate for U.S. sniper victims  10/02

American Muslims join interfaith efforts to aid Tsunami victims

American Muslims Pledge $20 million for South Asian quake victims

American Muslims Raise Money to Rebuild Churches Damaged by Violence in the Middle East

American Muslims Collecting Funds to Help Repair Damaged Churches in Palestine

American Muslims donate $10 million to aid hurricane Katrina victims

American Muslim Society Social Services of New Jersey

Ansari, Anousheh - first Muslim woman in space

Aossi, Bill first American Muslim Peace Corps volunteer

Arab family takes in Jewish homeless family in Israel 11/07

Arab Righteous of the Maghreb

Askari, Hassan - Jewish teenager saves Jewish students from attackers on NY subway

Asma Society interfaith work

Arar, Maher honored as Canadian newsmaker of the year 2004

Australian Muslims encourage flying Australian flag outside mosques

Shabana Azmi - Indian film star works against injustice

Badshah Khan in Afghanistan - Badshah Khan, Nonviolent Warrior of Islam - Badshah Khan, A Pacifist Uncovered

Bayari, Fadil helps build a synagogue in Fayetville, Arkansas 4/07

Dounia Bouzour - France

Blakey, Art drummer and band leader

Boy Scouts National Islamic Committee on Scouting formed 1982 (series of articles on Muslim Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts)

Bridges TV, American Muslim Television Channel

Benghanmen, Ghofrane, an undergraduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, has been named to the prestigious Glamor Magazine’s list of top ten college women in the United States 2005.

British Imams hit the road to fight terrorism

British Muslim Outreach Program feeds 30,000 needy

Bulgarian Christians & Muslims Protected Jews from Nazis

John Butt Cambridge mullah takes on radicals with radio 12/07

Canadian Muslim Teacher Becomes a Hero in France

Cat Stevens donates some royalties to 9/11 fund

Catholic and Muslim Communities work to create awareness

Center for Global Peace, American University

Chapelle, Dave comedian

Children of Abraham 

Christian, Muslim and Jewish Groups Unite for a Blood Drive in Plano, Texas

Christian Rage and Muslim Moderation

Christians and Muslims help organize Hindu community festival

Coalition of Women for Peace 

Communiqué by Muslim Scholars from the Naples Encounter “For a World Without Violence”

Connecting Cultures multicultural awareness

CAIR Muslims Care: CAIR-AZ Hosts Book, Blood Drive

Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago social & community services

D.C. Imams honored by Mayor

D.C. Muslim patrol quiets crime in Shaw neighborhood 9/07

Dutch Muslims offer to guard Coptic churches 12/10

Edhi, Abdul Sattar Humanitarian to a Nation

El Fadl, Khaled Abou A Brave Muslim Speaks

El Gamal, Mamoud - appointed first U.S. Treasury Dept. Islamic Finance Scholar in Residence

Eltahawy , Mona What We Can Learn From Rwanda’s Muslims

European Muslim leaders scoff at bounty offered by al Qaeda in Iraq for Swedish cartoonist.

Everlast musician

Extraordinary American Muslims

Fastathons - across the country Muslim students fast to raise funds for local food banks -
Tucson, AZ, Miami Virginia, North Carolina,

Fatah, Muhamad Yassin A Muslim’s Mission to Save Hindu Heritage in India

FILM: Days of Glory adds a Muslim page to WWII history

First American Muslim Film Festival

First mosque built in the U.S. 1929 Ross, North Dakota

First mosque established in U.S. 1915 Biddeford, Maine

First Red Crescent Society establshed in Detroit 1920

First Muslim Girl Scout Troop in Utah

Forgiving better than punishing, Ameen Izzadeen

- Huda free medical clinic in Detroit, MI
- Inner City Muslim Action Network IMAN in Chicago, free clinic and other social services
- Islamic Association of North Texas free medical clinic, Richardson, TX
- Maliheh free medical clinic in Salt Lake City, UT
- MCA, Muslim Community Association Free Medical Clinic in Santa Clara, CA
Muslim Community Center MCC free medical clinic in Silver Springs, MD
- Shifa free medical clinic in San Bernadino, CA
- Shifa free medical clinic in Houston, TX
- UMMA community clinic, L.A.

Friedlander, Shems award winning graphic designer

Gamma Gamma Chi  - American Muslim Sorority founded

Ghauri, Yasmeen supermodel

Global Heroes

Habitat for Humanity - Muslims across the U.S. participate in HFH projects Toledo, Chicago, Texas, Washington, Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, Mississippi, etc.

Hamas Members Mark Christmas in Santa Outfit

Hamas donates $50,000 to Bethlehem’s Christians for Christmas display

Hamdani, Mohammed Salman hero of 9/11

Hamed, Yusuf Muslim Drug Manufacturer, Offers AIDS Drugs at Prices the Poor Can Afford

Hashemi, Shiram hero of 9/11

Hashmi, Jibran British Muslim Soldier Killed in Afghanistan 7/06

Hathout, Dr. Maher wins Los Angeles Human Relations Commission award

Hug a Jew Campaign of Muslim Wakeup

Humanitarian Day - 7th annual HD to aid 25,000 homeless in U.S. 10/07

ICO SummitDefending Islam, Denouncing Muslim Extremists

Extraordinary American Muslims

Gomaa, Shaikh Ali - The influence of a moderate Muslim cleric

Imam and Rabbi send message of tolerance in Texas

Indian Muslims give blood to Mumbai bomb victims


Indonesian Muslims guard Churches on Christmas

Interfaith Delegation for Peace in the Middle East

International Center for Islam and Pluralism

Iraqi Hero Gets Asylum

Iraqi Muslims Save Baghdad’s Jewish Community Center from looters

Islam and Social Justice

Islam Denounces Terrorism site

Islamic community donates food to Atlanta food bank

Islamic Human Rights Commission

Islamic Reform Relating to Conflict and Peace

Islamic Relief donates food to Detroit food bank

Islamic Voices for Human Rights: Shireen Ebadi,

Jewish-Muslim Peace Walk in Arizona

Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue Group Making Peace in the Living Room

Jews and Muslims Walk for Peace in Pennsylvania

Sylvester Johnson, Philadelphia Police Commissioner is a Muslim

Khalizad, Zalmay U.S. Ambassador to Iraq

Kathrada, Ahmed hero in South Africa’s struggle against apartheid

Kathwari, Farooq President and CEO of Ethan Allen Interiors

Khairullah, Muhammad - Mayor of Prospect Park, New York

Khaled, Amr honored by World Health Organization for anti-smoking work

Khalili, Shiva, Ph.D., an Iranian scholar and clinical therapist at the Iranian Center for Epilepsy in Tehran, took the $2,000 top prize in the first-ever Science & Theology News contest

Khan, Capt. Humayun Muslim Soldier killed in Iraq 6/04

Khan, Fazlur Rahman architect Sears Tower in Chicago

Khan, M.J. wins Houston City Council seat

Kronemer, Alex documentary film maker

Local Muslims Donate Public Garden to the City of Chicago

Mahasa, Zakiya-First American Muslim Woman Judge

Majlis Ash’Shura of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley has adopted a tough policy of public shunning of Muslims who abuse their spouses or abandon their families.

Mamood, Khalid  - Britains second Muslim MP

Mohammedi, Omar T  - Appointed to New York Civil Rights Commission html

Momin, Mohamad Abbas Muslim student from UNC dies saving womans life

Moore, Daniel (Abdal-Hayy) poet

Morocco - Moroccan interfaith relations, a model to emulate, Moroccan Jews  Mourn Death of King Hassan,  Quintet of Jews Runs for Office in Casablanca

Mos Def rapper

Mosque Foundation donates $100,000 for community park in Chicago

Muhammad, Farouq 9/11 Hero Lauded by President Bush

MUSIC - Music Videos:  Yeh Hum Naheen (This is not us) Pakistan.
- Loves Sees No Color, No Race, No Religion Nassiri
- Hasan Cihat Örter plays for world peace (Turkey)
- Peace is a hug away, music by Egyptian singer Hakim in Arabic and Hebrew
- Our World Nasheed (song)by Zain Bhikha
- The World Peace song composed by Turkish composer Burak Uckun. Performed by Demet Tuncer & Burak Uckun from Istanbul / Turkey.
- Refuse, Resist, Say No - Rap from Turkey
- This is Islam nasheed
- Whisper of Peace, Dawud Wharmsby Ali
- Peace Train, Yusuf Islam


Muslim AidHumanitarian relief project

Muslim American Hero of September 11 Remembered

Muslim helps Jews attacked on NY Subway 12/07

Muslim Humanitarian Day Serves US Homeless 2006, 7th Annual Humanitarian Day to Serve 25,000 Homeless in U.S. During Ramadan 2007

‘Muslim Live 8’ to raise cash for Darfur in Britain

Muslims Against Hunger Project  -  Chicago Muslims Against HungerA Jihad Against Hunger in Texas

Muslim donates land for Hindu Temple 

Muslim-Christian Peace Primer developed by Muslim and Baptist groups

Muslim Peace Fellowship

Muslim Public Service Network Summer Internship Details

Muslim Scholars Appeal to Christian Scholars for Dialogue and Peace - “A Common Word” 10/07 - update 1/08

Muslim Voices for Peace

Muslim woman (CA) donates kidney to Christian man

Muslims at mosque work overtime to take care of Hindu, Christian fisherfolk in India afte Tsunami

Muslims at NY mosque call police to report possible plot 9/07

Muslims donate 300 turkeys to Chicago needy

Muslim’s tip foils London bomb plot

MuslimWakeup’s Hug a Jew Campaign 

Muslim gives kidney to Christian 8/07

Muslims Against Terrorism First Anti-Terrorism NGO in the World for Global Peace and Justice

Muslim American Society In name of faith, Muslims help

Muslims and Jews Unite for Community Service

Muslims Care Campaign promoting volunteerism

Muslims Defend Jewish Community in Iraq

Muslims Help Combat Terrorism

Muslims Help Kashmiri Pandit’s In Reopening Temple After 17 Years

Muslim’s Mission to Save Hindu Heritage 

Muslims Unite With Jews to Defend Animal Slaughter Rites

Muslim Volunteers Sought for Women’s Shelter

Muslims who fought against the ‘real’ Fascists 

Muslims help Newark homeless as part of Ramadan

Najjar, Laila and Adi Frish of Neve Shalom

Nepali Hindus and Muslims Break Religion Wall 

Native Deen Muslim Rappers promote peace in the Middle East

Nevada Muslims Support Jewish Officer’s Right to Skullcap, Beard

Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salaam and [2]

New Ground, Muslims and Jews partner to improve the City of Los Angeles

New Horizon, a private Islamic school, has been awarded the Blue Ribbon, the highest award the U.S. Department of Education bestows to recognize academic excellence. 2005

New Jersey Muslim Girl Fights Poverty

NYC Visitor Finds Safety in Muslim’s Taxi

New York Muslims call police to report suspicious behavior

Nicholas, Ruby Muslim woman chosen ‘funniest mom in America’

Non-violent protests in West Bank 10/07

Not In the Name of Islam anti-Terror ads air in Minnesota

Ohio Muslims To Help Clean Burned Church

Oklahoma Muslims philanthropic efforts praised in House of Representatives

Pakistani Doctors helping uninsured patients in D.C.

Pakistani Intelligence Service helps foil Atlantic bomb plot

Palestine Regiment, Robert Fisk

Parents Circle - Families Forum Inspiring story—In the Middle East, 500 Israeli and Palestinian bereaved households, all of whom have lost an immediate family member in the on-going conflict, choose to reject violence. Instead of seeking revenge, they grieve and build new relationships together. Palestinian Dr. Adel Misk, is the Chairperson of the Palestinian branch. Israeli Boaz Kitain, the Educational Activities Director, has replaced Orthodox Jewish Israeli Yitzhak Frankenthal as General Manager.

Pasha, El Hajji Izak-El Mu’eed New York Police Departments first Muslim Chaplain
Eboo Patel American Muslim Models Interfaith Group on Peace Corps

Priest and Rabbi Refuse to Attend Prayer Breakfast after Muslim Disinvited

Qadri, Cherrefe, first female president of mosque in U.S., 2001 elected by the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo

Qaadri, Shafiq wins Canadian Parliament election

Qureshi, Yasmin, a barrister whose experience includes heading the Criminal Legal Section of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and the Department of Judicial Administration in Kosovo is appointed human rights advisor for Mayor of London

Qureshi, Safi recognized as one of the top 25 executives by Computer Reseller News and as Portable Pioneer by PC Laptop Magazine.

RALLY’S & PROTESTS - Muslim organizes rallyagainst terrorism in Phoenix, Arizona,
Lansing, Michigan and around the country - Austin, Texas Muslim Peace March  - London rally against extremism 2006 - St. Louis Muslims hold rally denouncing terrorism 8/2007

Rana, Dr. Wahid was honored at the Jewish Community Relations Council luncheon with the Norman A. Stack Community Relations Award for his 25 years of fostering interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Jews. 

Ratansi, Yasmin Canada’s first Muslim woman in Parliament

Refusing to Be Enemies

Remembering Albania’s Protection of the Jews During the Holocaust 

Sahib, Rasheed - American Muslim Soldier Killed in Iraq  5/03

Saint Louis Muslims raise $10,000 for Backstoppers

Salam, Kausam, an English teacher at Cypress Falls High School, was selected as one of the top educators in the nation in Wal-Mart’s 11th annual Teacher of the Year program.

Schleifer, S. Abdallah journalist.  NBC News Cairo Bureau Chief for nine years and NBC News Middle East producer/reporter based in Beirut for five years.

Sherwani, Shabaz Khan Sherwani, owner of the La Quinta Inn on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, opened up the motel — and his heart — to help evacuees from New Orleans and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina

Siddiqui, M. Osman-first American Muslim to be sworn in on the Qur’an when he became Ambassador of Fiji 1999

Sediqi, Haider a Muslim cab driver returns $350,000 in diamonds lost in his cab in Los Angeles

Siddiqi, Police Officer Muzaffer H. gets ‘top cop’ award for service to Houston Police Department 2005

Syed Soharwardy walks across Canada for Peace 10/08

Tahir-Kehli, Shirin-First American Muslim Woman Ambassador

TERROR PLOTS FOILED BY MUSLIMS - The false claim is made thatMuslims don’t speak out against extremism and terrorism [1] TAM article collection (Sheila Musaji), [1a] (M. Omer Iqbal), Muslim voices against extremism and terrorism [1b] TAM article collections - Actually Muslims turned in Craig Monteilh, Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, Times Square bomber, infiltrating al Qaeda, the Oregon jihadist, list of terror plots foiled by Muslims [1] (Adam Serwer) -  Toledo, Ohio Muslims turn in 3 terror suspects

Uddin, Baroness - first Muslim woman to enter House of Lords in England

UMMA Clinic in Los Angeles is the first charitable medical institution established by Muslim Americans in the United States. Now in its 10th year, UMMA is the acronym for the University Muslim Medical Association.  It was honored by the U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Muslim Postage Stamp issued

Usman, Azhar comedian

Virginia Muslims expand interfaith giving

Wadud builds interfaith bridges

Wahhaj, Imam Siraj first Muslim to give invocation to U.S. House of Representatives 1991

Wahid, Dr. Adurahman awarded World Peace Prize Award 2003

Webb, Alexander Russel founded first American Muslim periodical in 1880’s

Wolfe, Michael poet, journalist and filmaker

Women in Islam

Wood, Douglas Hopes Rise (and Fall) For Douglas Wood’s Release

Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

Zakaria, Fareed Editor of Newsweek International

Zillur Raheem, Hassan The Disgrace of Holocaust Denial

ZAM Hope Resource Center in Chicago helps low income immigrant families and holds annual walk against violence.


ACLU Elects First Arab American to Governing Board
Islamic Relief Commits $2 million to Hurricane Katrina relief
Maher Arar named Canadian Newsmaker of the year 2004 by Time magazine
More Muslims Gaining Political Ground
Top 100 Most Influential Muslims List Published 1/2007
Twelve British Muslims awarded honors for service to Britain

Academic Honors
- Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl Appointed to Alfi Chair in Islamic Law
- Mona Eltahawy Names Distinguished Visiting Professor at AUC
-Prof. Akbar S. Ahmed Appointed Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies
-National Endowment for Democracy Honors Four Muslim Women,
- Top Academic Award in Jewish Studies Program Awarded to Muslim Student
- Ghofrane Benghanmen, Young Muslim Scientist Honored by Glamor Magazine as one of 10 top college women in the U.S.
- Four Muslim Students Named Top Leaders in Tomorrow 25 International Competition

-Rumi Is America’s Best Selling Poet,
-America’s First Muslim Museum in Jackson, Mississippi,

Citizenship Awards
- Khalid Qazi wins Buffalo News “Outstanding Citizen Award”,
- Muslim lawyers group honored by California state bar for civil rights work

- Muslim American chosen as “Funniest Mom in America”
- Allah Made Me Funny Muslim comedy show aids Katrina victims

Community Service
-Muslim Police & Firefirefighters Honored for 9/11 Heroism,
-Bill Aossey Honored as First Muslim Peace Corps Volunteer,
-D.C. Mayor Honors Two Muslims with Clergy Awards,
-Saad Eddin Ibrahim Wins Freedom House Award,
-Kareem Irfan Wins Community Service Award from Department of Justice
-YWCA honors Mahnaz Shabbir for Community Service
- Omar T. Mohammadi Appointed to NY Civil Rights Commission
- President lauds Farooq Muhammad, Muslim Firefighter for 9/11 bravery
- Kausam Salam, selected as one of the top educators in the nation in Wal-Mart’s 11th annual Teacher of the Year program

Environmental Awards
-Fatuna Hubrekk Receives Goldman Environmental Prize, 

Government Service
- Muslim chaplain appointed to NYPD 4/07
- Keith Ellison, First Muslim elected to Congress
- Maryland’s first Muslim lawmaker takes office 
- Saqib Ali - A Muslim Elected to Maryland Legislature
-Hassan Ali El-Amin Joins Maryland Court as First Muslim Judge,
- Yaphet El Amin Missouri District 57 Representative
-Canadian Muslim, Shafiq Qaadri Wins Parliamentary Election,
- Shirin Tahir-Kheli Appointed 1st American Muslim Ambassador
-Khalid Mahmood Becomes Britain’s Second Muslim MP,
- Mohamed Khairullah Mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey
-New Zealand’s First Muslim MP Sworn In,
-First Muslim Nominated for Virginia Senate Race,
-Khaled Abou El Fadl appointed to U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom,
-America’s First Muslimah Judge, Zakia Mahasa 
-American Muslim Wins Houston City Council Election,
-Maad Abu-Ghazalah Runs for Congress
-First Muslim Elected to Houston’s City Council
-Muslim Appointed to NY Human Rights Commission
-First Muslim Appointed to Amsterdam’s City Council
-First Muslim American Ambassador
- MahmoudEl Gamal Appointed First Islamic Finance Scholar-in-Residence to the U.S. Treasury Dept.
- Kamal Nawash, Candidate for Virginia State Senate
- Salman Aftab - Muslim Running for Chicago 50th Ward Alderman
- Abutaleb, Ahmad- first Muslim elected to Amsterdam’s City Council
- Ali, Saqib elected to Maryland State Legislature
- Dr. Amanullah Khan, named to the newly formed Texas Task Force on Homeland Security
- Imam Talal Eid first Muslim appointed to Commission on International Religious Freedom
- Commissioner Rouhy Shalabi is the first Arab-Muslim appointed by Mayor Richard M. Daley to the Board of Commissioners of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations.
Bilal, Charles Kountze, Texas, first Muslim mayor in an American city 1991

Interfaith Work
Akbar Ahmed Honored for Interfaith Dialogue Work,
-Dr. Waheed Rana Wins Norman A. Stack Community Relations Award for Work in Interfaith Dialogue,
- Faruq Wadud Builds Bridges of Faith and Hope
- Islamic group awards rabbi for bridging faiths,0,7252702.story
- Aga Khan Receives Tolerance Award from the Evangelical Academy of Tutzing, Germany
- Ahmed, Akbar S.  - A Small Step Toward Interfaith Dialogue

Mental Health Award
-Farzana Hamid Honored With Prestigious Mental Health Award

Military Service
Muslims and Arabs in the U.S. Military - article collection (added 4/3/07)

Nobel Peace Prize
-Complete text of Shirin Ebadi’s Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, delivered in Oslo on December 10, 2003.  AND
-  What Ebadi’s Nobel Means to Progressive Muslims, Omid Safi. 
- Nobel Peace Prize for Muhammad Yunus
- El Baradei, Muhammad won Nobel Peace Prize 2005

- in Chemistry,  Ahmed Zewail
- Orhan Pamuk Wins Nobel Prize in Literature
- Chinese Muslim Nominated for Nobel Prize
- Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech By Naguib Mahfouz

Peace and Human Rights
- Albanian Muslim Family honored for helping Jews
- Cat Stevens wins peace prize in Rome

Postage Stamp
First Muslim Postage Stamp,

Sydney Peace Prize
Hanan Ashrawi Wins Sydney Peace Prize, 

UNITED NATIONS - Haya Rashed Al Khalifa , Muslim Woman Is New President of U.N. General Assembly
- Al-Khalifa, Haya Rashed  of Bahrain - U.N. Assembly’s First Muslim Woman Leader


The World Health Organization (WHO) honored amr Khaled, a prominent Muslim preacher with a prestigious award in recognition of his anti-smoking televised campaign.

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