Muslim Doctors and Dentists Assoc. of UK - Statement on UK Bombings

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Regarding the Car Bombings in London and Glasgow

Wednesday 04 July 2007

Since it is reported in the media that at least eight of those arrested in connection with this horrific terrorist activity are doctors or health service workers, we feel it is incumbent on the MDDA to comment To the best of our knowledge none of those currently being questioned are members of this Association.

It is a pre-requisite for any aspiring or qualified physician that he devote his life and skill to the alleviation of suffering and the preservation of life. This rule applies across all boundaries of religious beliefs, sex, age or political leanings.

Furthermore, Islam requires total respect for the sanctity of all human life irrespective of creed or race and at this time Muslims must clearly demonstrate their commitment to this within the rule of law.

Our members and our Association condemn without reservations the instigation, encouragement or use of violence in any form of protest or demonstration, and most especially of course to harm or take innocent lives.

The Association is committed to give every assistance it can to the authorities, and also considers it the duty of every member to co-operate or report to the Police if they should gain knowledge or suspicions which might help suppress such terrorist attacks. We do have and in future will debate our concerns regarding the entry of doctors to the UK from largely Muslim Countries, and would deplore any inappropriate or hasty restrictions to the movement, training and employment of blameless professionals.

Dr Alam A Khan
Gen. Sec. Dr. Faizal Moosa Treasurer: Dr. Nasser Malik
Muslim Doctors & Dentists Association (MDDA)UK
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