Islamophobia and Arabophobia: Laying The Groundwork - Us vs. Them

Sheila Musaji

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Islamophobia and Arabophobia: Laying The Groundwork - Us vs. Them

by Sheila Musaji

There is a word game that is fairly popular in the United States. It is called “Mad Libs”, and it consists of filling in blanks with certain categories of words. Usually it is played with silly stories, but it seems that all too often sensationalist, hateful propaganda follows the same pattern of “Mad Libs”, only more mad, and less funny.

At the bottom of this article is a collection of statements that have been made about one religious group by members of other religious groups.  They have been repeated in the media, by radio hosts, television journalists, clergy people, government officials, military leaders, educators, some of them important people, and some of them just plain folks.  [In each case you can click on the provided link to go to the original article or news item in which the statement was reported.] Let us look at these statements, for just a moment, from a different perspective. Usually propaganda uses the Us VS Them formula, so lets try blanking out most of the proper nouns. Now, replace them with your own personal information.

THEM: People of your religion, race, or culture.  ?_________________?
WE or OUR: People of a DIFFERENT religion, race, or culture.  ?_________________?
THEIR SCRIPTURE: The book, commandment, or creed of THEM   ?_________________?
THEIR GOD: The God THEM worships   ?_________________?
THEIR RELIGION: The name of THEM’s religion.  ?_________________?
THEIR PROPHET: A religion, race, or culture that is different then you. ?_________________?

Now take a moment to try replacing the underlined prompts with the words you just listed. Scroll down to the bottom section labeled “Real Quotes” and give it a try. Try it now.

The results will be a propaganda campaign of malicious rhetoric aimed at YOU. What does it make you think? How do you feel?  Most of these comments made by members of the majority religious group in the West - Christians (WE), about Muslims and Islam (THEM).  Some of the comments were made by members of other minority religions.  I don’t believe that it is possible to make such statements about the members of any other race, religion, or social group without raising alarms.  No matter what, doing so does not facilitate conversation. It facilitates insecurity, which begets fear and defensiveness, which begets anger and resentment and retaliation.

I don’t want to believe that these statements represent the majority opinion, but there is hardly any outcry against them. I don’t see any difference between many of these statements and the statements by extremists in the Muslim community (and I am ashamed when it is a Muslim who says or acts on such things).  I don’t believe that such attitudes accurately reflect the core spiritual teachings of any religious community.

Unlike harmless Mad Libs, this is not a game. We are hurtling towards an avoidable clash of civilizations and such rabble rousing only lessens our chances of isolating and marginalizing the extremists among all religions.  When genuine anger about actual specific incidents or individual events is allowed to become generalized anger towards every member of a religious community we limit our options dramatically.

Even if you are an individual who agrees with attitudes such as those expressed in the statements, I would ask you to consider what is the goal?  This will certainly not win hearts and minds, open possibilities for dialogue, or make any of us safer.  Is it possible that when we vilify one particular group, the end result will damage not only them, but also us?  If we create a stereotype and through repetition turn it into a meme (a mind virus). Will that meme also infect us?  Insisting on this world view leaves only one option - a violent clash of civilizations, a final Crusade to convert or annihilate one group.  And, one might wonder what a world without Islam would really look like.

How is it possible that we could have learned so little from our past mistakes, in spite of having access to so much information?  Perhaps people have the right to say whatever hateful things they wish, but the fact that we have a legal right to such speech does not mean that we are required to say such things.  More importantly, we have a right to not listen passively. If there are no condemnations of such speech, if toxic hate does not have the consequence of marginalizing the speaker, if society accepts such speech without remark then that is a loss of rights, isn’t it? Those who say such things are emboldened to continue and even to ratchet up the rhetoric, and this venomous rancor seeps into our media, our homes, our schools, our friendships.

The villification of Muslims, Arabs, and Islam has become relentless.  Repeating the same things over and over again has been shown to create credibility. False logic seem plausible, and even outright lies repeated enough begin to sound like the truth.  Sadly, these stereotypes have replaced knowledge with ignorance and misperception, and ignorance fuels hatred of what we don’t know much about.  Muslims are consistently portrayed as “the other”, not part of us, and imposible to understand, and so not worthy of tolerance.  Just the mention of Islam creates a feeling of fear on the part of many non-Muslims because of what they have heard so often and causes them to believe that this fear is reasonableThis fear leads to Islamophobia and this may lead to violence.  In fact, it has led to violence against mosques and against individual Muslims.

Right here in the United States there have been hundreds of incidents at mosques - some of the incidents were vandalism (like swastikas painted on) but some have been shot at, burned to the ground, firebombed, had windows broken out, vehicles driven into them, acid thrown at them, etc.  And, the incidents against individuals have also ranged from simple prejudice to murder.

It is just possible that there is a connection to widespread hateful speech and some of these reactions.

It might be worthwhile to consider a few statements:

The Interfaith Partnership of Saint Louis said about an incident some time ago:  Will we continue to match hateful speech with hateful speech, or to call on moderate voices in solidarity to reason and respond to this rhetoric by resounding God’s real love, which extends peace and justice to all within our reach. ... In the Twentieth Century, fanning the flames of religious hatred by gross stereotyping and sweeping generalizations led to the deaths of millions. Those who stand as religious leaders today should think long and hard before they announce conspiracy fantasies to their faithful. 

We live in sensitive times. Facing the possibility of a global war between America and the Muslim world, people feel extremely insecure. Their capacity to suffer pain, bigotry and injustice is severely tested. And if there is such a war, God forbid, the primary cause will not be oil, geopolitics or regime changes; no, it will result from intolerable and vicious hate speech unleashed by religious bigots on both sides—bigots who confuse self-righteousness for righteousness and demonization for devotion.  Muqtedar Khan 

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three “Abrahamic faiths,” tracing their roots to the time of Abraham.  To quote David Harris, our efforts in the area of Muslim-Jewish relations should remind us “of the long, rich, and often mutually nourishing historical relations between Jews and Muslims in many lands and the extraordinary gifts to humankind that Muslim-Jewish interaction generated in advancing knowledge and culture.”  ...  We live in a period of history rife with the dangers of intolerance, and ethnic and religious misunderstandings.  As I noted in my remarks, at the OSCE Warsaw Conference, Jews and Muslims and Arabs have long been victims in the West.  Both were treated as alien counter-civilizational forces.  One was seen as an internal threat while the other was portrayed as an external challenge.  And both were negatively stereotyped, with their beliefs, culture and history vilified—all with terrible consequences.  James Zogby

The reality is that we are all here on this planet at this time - people of all faiths, nationalities, ideologies - and we can either continue on this path that will lead us nowhere or learn to deal with each other in a way that reflects the core spiritual teachings of our respective religions, not the values of the extremists among us.  I pray that we find a way TOGETHER to learn from history and avoid something as terrible as a clash of civilizations.  I also pray that the extremists among all faiths will stop pushing for a war between the two major faith groups on earth and stop inciting the ignorant to hatred and mutual distrust and animosity - for the sake of all of humanity. 


THEIR RELIGION is militaristic 1,  a bloody, bloody, brutal type of religion2, hateful and frightening, 3 one of the greatest evils on our planet,  invented by savages for savages 4,  a big lie 5,  a killing cult 6, 6a,  a threat to civilization as long as it exists 7, an incomplete, misleading, and often downright false revelation which, in many ways, directly contradicts what God has revealed through Jesus and constitutes a threat to the world at large. 8 THEIR RELIGION is a car burning cult 9, an aggressive cult aimed at world domination and it is incompatible with representative government and the rule of law as Americans know it 10, and it is an imperialistic ideology akin to Nazism but disguised as a religion 11 which induces a frame of mind akin to fanaticism,  12, and is a murderous organization that teaches hate, terrorism and murder 13.  THEIR RELIGION is a worthless, dangerous Satanic religion, like a virus—it affects the mind—maybe even better as an analogy—it is a cancer that destroys the body it infects. 14  It is an an opportunistic infection, taking advantage of a body already rotted by Liberalism. 15   All terrorists are followers of THEIR RELIGION 16 which is a deadly virus whose goal is violence and sexual deviance. 17  THEIR RELIGION is at war with America 18, is America’s #1 enemy 19, and represents everything that is abhorrent to US. 20  THEIR RELIGION must be defeated (not a radical form but all of THEM) 21 or it will make our society implode 22.  THEIR RELIGION is a danger, a threat to all other religions, cultures and peoples. It is a threat to civilization itself in all its forms 23,  not just a radical form. 24  THEIR RELIGION is the problem 25 and can be called the new communism. 26  THEIR RELIGION is essentially a Judaeo Christian heresy 27 which is not a religion but a political movement.  28  It is a lie from the pits of hell, and those who follow this false religion will die and be lost for all eternity. 29. According to polls, a large percentage of US view THEIR RELIGION as having a negative impact 30, that it is not peaceful and encourages violence 31, a majority of OUR religious leaders have a negative view of THEIR RELIGION and believe that it opposes pluralism and encourages violence. 32  THEIR RELIGION teaches them to lie, 33 and is a curse on its members. 34.  It is a green peril. 35  THEIR RELIGION has a 20-year plan to dominate America. 36  It is sinister. 37

THEIR GOD  THEIR GOD is the author of evil 1, and not a God of love 2, and the 99 names THEY have for God don’t include love 3 & 4.  THEIR GOD is an idol 5 Satan himself 6, a spiteful deity, 7 a pagan “moon god”,  8, a God of hate. 9

THEIR PROPHET was not a real prophet but an epileptic plagiarist who wrote a book full of evil fairly tales 1 and was a terrorist, 2 an absolute wild-eyed fanatic, a robber, a killer and a brigand 3, a demon-possessed pedophile 4, 4a, the anti-Christ. 5

THEIR SCRIPTURE requires THEM to become suicide bombers in order to attain salvation 1 and can only be compared to Mein Kampf 2 as it is like Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which is the Nazi bible. 3, 3a  If they follow THEIR SCRIPTURE they cannot be moderate 4, and they must tear out half of it and throw it away to remain part of this society 5.  THEIR SCRIPTURE is directly contrary to the principles of the Constitution, and we should not place someone in office who believes in this scripture. 6  If THEY can’t take the oath on The Bible then they shouldn’t serve in congress.  7  THEIR SCRIPTURE is strictly a theft of Jewish theology , or of Jewish and Christian sources 9, endorses slavery, not merely permits it 10, is unique in its violent passages 11, and contains contradictions 12.  THEIR extremists are following THEIR SCRIPTURE 13.  There is only one opinion among all of THEM on theological issues such as abrogation 14, martyrdom 15

THEIR CIVILIZATION  doesn’t exist.  They have made no contributions, they never contributed in the past and today they are backward. [1]  Under THEIR RELIGION, THEY have not advanced for the past one thousand years2.  There will be no clash of civilizations because THEY are not civilized so it will be “A Clash between Civilization and Barbarism”. 3  THEY are a belligerent, murderous culture. 4 It is a myth that THEY have made any contribution to civilization.  5  THEIR RELIGION contributed nothing directly to the advancement of humanity. 6  America patents hundreds of thousands of inventions a year whereas THEY have only a handful of patents.  7  THEY want to bring back the caliphate. 8 divide the world into only two camps, 9, and make US all second class citizens 10 who have to pay a special tax 11, and they will enforce their system of law on US 12 — all of which they will do through war 13, and they will even use their schools to indoctrinate their children to do this 14.

THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES  One hundred million Muslims in the world are influenced by Islamofascism and THEY are at war with us. 1  THEY are like the bird flu infecting OUR community 2, like cockroaches 3, 3a.  THEY are a slow-spreading cancer 4, a virus that attacks a healthy organism 5.  THEY cannot be integrated 6  into OUR society, have a special violence problem 7, and are not like US 8 but are like Nazi’s 9.  THEY cannot be moderate, there is no such thing.  10, 10a in fact the only way they can be moderate is to renounce their religion 11,  so they remain enemies in our midst 12, and a threat to free people everywhere 13.  WE cannot trust THEM because they are the greatest prevaricators in the history of the world, and since they worship the Father of Lies this is natural 14.  THEY will use democracy to destroy democracy 15 and are     a fifth column in OUR country 16, 16a.  You can’t be one of THEM and an American at the same time 17 because they are all America’s enemy whether we will admit it or not 18, 18a, and are a permanent source of disruption, misinformation, threat, and of course potential menace 19 and are toxic to a democratic society 20.  THEY could not have written the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution 21 & 21a and are intent on destroying America’s economy, political system and culture 22.  THEIR Adherence to THEIR RELIGION is prima facie evidence of an act in support of the overthrow of the US. Government through the abrogation, destruction, or violation of the US Constitution and the imposition of Shari’a on the American People, therefore it should be a felony punishable by 20 years in prison to knowingly act in furtherance of, or to support the, adherence to THEIR RELIGION 23.  Anyone who adheres to THEIR RELIGION is a vicious, violent, bloodthirsty cretin 24,  sick and violent 25, and has no soul! 26  THEY are brainwashed, stupid, stinking animals who deserve to die 27 because the only good one THEM is a dead one 28.  THEY are not really human, and we either need to drop a nuclear weapon on them or forcibly convert them to Christianity in order to turn them into human beings. 29  THEY should be greatful that WE tolerate THEM in our society 30.  Anyone who converts to THEIR RELIGION is engaged in “civilizational slumming” 31, and only those who manage to defect or escape from THEIR RELIGION are intellectually and morally superior people 32.  According to polls, a large percentage of US believe that most of THEM hold negative views towards US 33, that there should be some restrictions on THEIR civil rights 34, that THEY should be required to register with the federal government, and WE should have undercover agents infiltrate Muslim organizations 35  THEY are brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and not exactly maintaining Germanic standards of hygiene.  36  There is no point in attempting dialogue with THEM 37 and attempts at dialogue might be a delusion 38, 38a  Hostility to is not a phobia, it is rational, due to THEIR very nature. 39  WE can’t tell the difference between the good and bad among THEM. 40.  THEY are purposefully having large families in order to outnumber US and take over. 41  This population bomb is THEIR ultimate weapon. 42 and 42a  All of THEM are programmed to kill and we can thus never negotiate with them. 43  THEY multiply like rats.  44  Civilized humans cannot understand THEM. 45  THEY don’t speak up against extremism. 46  THEY are vile creatures, who urinate in baptistries. 47  THEY are like donkeys and beasts and are inferior to US, 48 and more like a different species, 49 or knuckle-dragging savages from the 10th century. 50

WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT THAN THEM AND MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM — THEIR RELIGION is an evil encroaching on the United States and OUR RELIGION has a moral duty to conquer evil 1.  WE are engaged in a religious war, not against THEIR RELIGION, but for OUR RELIGION’S nation. 2.  WE are involved in a war of THEM vs. Judaeo-Christian ideology 3 and WE should let a wave of intolerance and hatred wash over US against THEM.  OUR goal is a Christian nation. We have a Biblical duty; we are called by God to conquer this country. We don’t want equal time. We don’t want pluralism 4.  OUR virulent hatred of THEM can no more be racism than a virulent hatred of Marxists.  Because nobody is a member of a race by choice, such groups are protected from attack because it is unfair to malign human beings for something they cannot help 5.  WE know that THEIR RELIGION is not as good as OUR RELIGION, 6, and WE do not serve the same God as THEM 7.  WE know from OUR SCRIPTURE that if we love our brothers and sisters who share OUR RELIGION, we must love them enough to tell them that we cannot cannot peacefully coexist with THEM and that OUR SCRIPTURE tells us that we are at war with THEM. 8.  WE are unique among the nations, America recognized the source of our character as being godly and eternal, not being civic and temporal. And we have understood that our source is eternal, America is different. We have no king but Jesus. 9  WE know that OUR God is bigger than THEIR God, and that OUR God is a real God, and THEIRS is an idol 10.  WE understand that our religion guides our foreign policy, and that for example,  Israel has a right to the land because God said so 11, 11a  Those among US who make efforts to unite Christians and Muslims undermine the Gospels. 12  OUR RELIGION offers the only viable, reasonable, definitive answer to the questions of ‘Where did I come from?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Where am I going?’ ‘Does life have any meaningful purpose? 13  WE know that the rights of one American, whether a soldier or a civilian, are worth more than the lives of all men, women and children in all THEIR nations combined. Over time, pioneers, with the paid support of our military, can go into these isolated territories, subdue the remaining savages, install a civilized, colonial government protecting the rights of both the pioneers and the savages, and settle the land—as American pioneers subdued the savage, murderous American Indian tribes and settled America. 14  WE must do this because WE 15 have a superior civilisation.  OUR principle of religious freedom for all, was never intended to exalt other religions to the level that Christianity holds in our country’s heritage. Our Founders expected that OUR RELIGION—and no other religion—would receive support from the government as long as that support did not violate peoples’ consciences and their right to worship. 16  WE are civilized, and civilized countries put down killing cults. They don’t permit them to exist alongside legitimate religions.  17 OUR country was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing THEIR RELIGION destroyed because it is false. 18 WE are involved in noble ‘crusades’ 19, and OUR soldiers have missionaries ready to move into Iraq behind troops to save THEM 20 with a radio station to back up our message of peace. 21  If WE embrace, tolerate or celebrate THEIR foreign God we will bring suffering and disaster upon our nation. 22 WE should pray against THEM 23.  THEIR God is Satan himself, not the same as OUR God. 24  WE are in a war against Satan with THEM because they do not accept our interpretation of God. 25, 25a  Being afraid of THEM is not a phobia, it is a rational fear of THEIR ideology and therefore not racism.  26  According to polls, a large majority of US believe that America was intended to be a nation of OUR RELIGION.  27  OUR SCRIPTURE shows us that we are mandated by God to carry out global war,  28 a Tenth Crusade 29  THEIR claim that there is such a thing as Islamophobia is a myth. 30  OUR SCRIPTURE is clear that we must fight THEM so that OUR GOD can rule. 31  War on terror is a war against “Islamo-Fascists”. 32  Our foreign policy is God’s foreign policy 33 in a battle against Gog and Magog. 34  OUR RELIGIONS goal for the world is the universal development of theocratic republics based on OUR SCRIPTURE. 35  We are mandated by OUR RELIGION to bring about the apocalypse. 36.  For the first time in history everything is in place for the battle of Armageddon. 37  This is God’s world, not Satan’s, therefore WE are the lawful heirs, not the members of any OTHER RELIGION. 38.  When OUR RELIGION takes over this country we won’t allow pluralism. 39  Nobody has the right to worship on this planet any other God than OUR GOD.  40  Our President was appointed by God.  41  WE are in a war between God and the Devil. 42  THEIR RELIGION is about death and hate while OUR RELIGION is about life and love. 43  One of OUR lives is worth more than 1,000 of THEIR lives. 44  OUR religious law allows killing civilians in times of war. 45  The difference between OUR souls and THEIR souls is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle. 46


WE should invest heavily in a religion building campaign to “rebuild” THEIR RELIGION. 1  WE should prepare a list of beliefs that will allow us to recognize the bad ones. 2  WE should develop a test for them to prove that THEY are moderate.  3  THEY will all need to suffer until THEY get THEIR house in order. 4  THEY should be barred from immigration into the U.S. 5  WE should deny THEM entry to the U.S. and expel those who are immigrants.  6 THEY should not be allowed to hold public office. 7 should not have complete religious freedom in OUR country because they will abuse this right.8  WE should have an anual festival to flush THEIR scripture down the toilet. 9 In fact, WE should ban THEIR SCRIPTURE because it is a “fascist” text. 10  THEY have too many HOUSES OF WORSHIP in the United States, 11  and every one of these should be policed for safe-keeping 12, or ban them. 13  THEIR RELIGION has become the KKK of the 21st century and should be banned. 14  WE should amend the Constitution of the U.S. so it fits with OUR God’s standards. 15  THEY must be kept a marginal minority so they cannot pose a threat to the country. 16  WE wouldn’t want one of as President of OUR country which was founded on OUR principles. 17  THEY might be able serve at lower levels of our government administration. 18  If THEY are government employees they need to be watched. 19  THEY should have separate check in lines at airports. 20  Racial profiling makes sense for THEM 21.  Profiling THEM is like profiling the Klan. 22  THEY should be forced to wear special identification, 23 perhaps THEY should be required to wear special crescent shaped tattoos or armbands, 24 or be required by law to wear a GPS tracking bracelet at all times. 25  THEY follow a scripture that is a book of hate that teaches the opposite of the Constitution and THEY should be deported. 26, 26a  OUR long-term goal should be to gain exclusive control over politics in OUR country.  Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to OUR RELIGION must be denied citizenship. 27 and and 27a WE should deny citizenship anyone who is not of OUR religion. 28 If THEY are our enemy should OUR constitution protect THEM? 29  Recognizing THEIR religious holidays would be absurd in a country based on OUR RELIGION. 30  Lawmakers should institute an outright ban on immigration to this country by THEM. 31  The construction of THEIR HOUSES OF WORSHIP should be illegal. 32 Anyone who has any family heritage which includes THEM must be questioned about their loyalty to this country. 33  No official of OUR government should take an oath on THEIR SCRIPTURE. 34.  WE should arrest every Muslim that comes across OUR state line, 35 and should “pull over” anyone who looks obviously like one of THEM. 36  WE should not allow THEIR holiday postage stamp, it should be withdrawn, 37 and we must not acknowledge THEIR holidays because that is apostasy to OUR nations’ religion. 38  WE should expel THEIR students in the U.S. 39  WE must close the borders, deport them, and close down THEIR HOUSES OF WORSHIP now. 40  We should consider interning THEM in camps 41  If THEY don’t control the extremists among them, then it will be understandable if WE put razor wire up and round THEM up. 42, 42a  If you can’t outbreed THEM, cull them. 43  If WE don’t kill THEM, they will kill us and nuclear war maybe our only option. 44  Collective punishment makes sense for THEM. 45, 45a  If OUR CIVILIZATION is to survive THEIR RELIGION must be destroyed, we cannot co-exist on a single planet. 46, 46a  There are a billion of THEM, ‘So, kill 100 million of them, then there’d be 900 million of them.’ I mean ... would you rather us die than them? 47  WE should nuke THEIR most sacred city. 48  If WE bombed all three of THEIR holiest cities and vaporized them, then we could destroy THEIR RELIGION. 49  WE do not want to reform THEIR RELIGION, we want to eradicate it. Just as cancer cannot be reformed and the only way to cure the patient is to eradicate it, THEIR RELIGION can’t be reformed either and it must be eradicated for the world to be saved. 50  THEIR RELIGION can’t be reformed, but it can be eradicated. 51  We must defeat THEM all because there are no good ones among them. 52  WE should bomb THEIR holy cities into the stone age if we are attacked by anyone from THEIR RELIGION. 53  THEY are a cult and should be eradicated. 54  If any of THEM commit an act of terrorism, we should execute their families as a deterrent. 55  WE should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to OUR RELIGION 56.  Kill them 57 and destroy THEIR religion. 58  This is a religious war and we cannot allow THEM to win.  59  We need to introduce the study of OUR SCRIPTURE into our public schools. 60.  We need an army of dedicated teachers who can invade the public school classrooms and use them to influence the nation for OUR RELIGION.  61  Use OUR authority to spread the message about THEM.  62, 62a


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1.  Rev. David Clippart at Missouri Baptist Convention   2.  Ann Coulter, syndicated columnist   3.  Rev. Pat Robertson   4.  Randall Terry, Operation Save America   5.  Will Cummins   6.  Rev. Jerry Vines at Southern Baptist Pastors Conference   7.  Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary   8.  Operation Save America Editorial   9.  Sen. John Ashcroft former Attorney General of the U.S.  10. Gen. William Boykin   11.  Sen. Inhofe Senate floor statement, and Rabbi HaRav Yitzchak Nissim   12.  Panelists at a symposium sponsored by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Carl F.H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement.  13.  Republican House Whip Tom Delay   14.  Ron Pisaturo in Capitalism Magazine   15.  Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi   16.  Family Research Council Editorial   17.  Pastor J. Grant Swank, Jr., New Hope Church, Windham, ME   18.  Rev. Rod Parsley   19.  Various   20.  Billy Graham’s Samaritans Purse   21.  Grace Digital Media   22.  Michael F. Haverluck on CBN News   23.  Christian Voice Organization   24. Faith Freedom editorial   25.  Rev. J. Don George, senior pastor of Calvary Temple in Irving, TX and Rev. Benny Hinn   26.  Douglas Murray in the Jewish Chronicle   27.  First Amendment Center poll   28.  Michael Evans   29.  (Term from an Alexander Cockburn article)  30.  Kenan Malik   31.  Michael Evans   32.  Various (including Pres. Bush)  33.  Rev. John Hagee of Christians United for Israel   34.  Rev. John Hagee of Christians United for Israel   35.  Rev. David Chilton, a leading reconstructionist theologian   36.  Various   37.  Pres. Ronald Reagan   38.  Gary North, former Deputy Director for Political-Military Affairs, National Security Council   39.  Gary Potter, Catholics for Christian Political Action   40.  Joseph Morecraft, Chalcedon Presbyterian church   41.  Gen William Boykin   42.  Rev. Benny Hinn   43.  Bill Keller of Live Prayer, televangelist   44.  Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu   45.  Rabbi Yehuda Henkin   46.  Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

Who suggested WHAT WE - (Judaeo-Christians) CAN DO ABOUT THEM - Muslims and/or Arabs

1. U.S. News special report   2. Jamie Glazov   3. Daniel Pipes   4. Martin Amis   5. Peter Boyles, radio show host   6. John Derbyshire, National Review Online Columnist   7. Rev. Pat Robertson   8. Paul R. Hollrah in The Conservative Voice   9. The Rogue Jew on Mens News Daily   10. Geert Wilders, Dutch politician   11. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.  12. James Pinkerton, Huckabee campaign adviser   13. Joerg Haider, Austrian politician   14.  arner Todd Huston   15. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Of Arkansas and Candidate for President of the U.S.  16. Prof. Raphael Israeli of Hebrew University   17. John McCain Senator AZ and candidate for President   18. Mitt Romney, Gov. Of MA   19. Rev. Franklin Graham   20. Mike Gallagher, radio show host   21. Peter King, House Homeland Security Chairman   22. Ann Coulter   23. Gallup poll   24. Discussion on Jerry Klein radio program (he wanted to see how far people would go)  25. Gunny Bob Newman, radio show host   26. Michael Savage, radio show host, and Phil Magnan, Pesident of Biblical Family Advocates   27. Gary North, former Deputy Director for Political-Military Affairs, National Security Council   28. Various   29. Phyllis Chesler   30. Bill O’Reilly, radio show host   31. Michael Savage, radio show host   32. Michael Savage   33. Debbie Schlussel   34. Robert Spencer   35. Rep. Saxby Chambliss of GA   36. Cong. John Cooksey of LA   37. Paul M. Weyrich   38. Chuck Baldwin   39. Rev. Jimmy Swaggart   40. Online petition site   41. Pastor J. Grant Swank, New Hope Church, Windham, ME 42. Glenn Beck and Peter Kirsanow of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission 43. Mark Steyn   44. Don Swarthout, Pres. Of Christians Reviving America’s Values   45. Hugh Fitzgerald of Dhimmi Watch, and Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu   46. Adam Teiichi Oshida, and Rabbi Jack Riemer of the National Rabbinic Network   47. Michael Savage   48. Rich Lowery, Editor of National Review Online   49. Dr. Robert Morey   50. Faith Freedom International Editorial   51. Faith Freedom International Editorial   52. John Deady, Chairman of New Hampshire Veterans for Rudy Giuliani   53. Don Boys, former member of the Indiana House of Representatives   54. Neal Boortz, radio show host   55. Nathan Lewin on Shma   56. Ann Coulter   57. Henry Jordan, Member South Carolina’s Board of Education   58. Rev. Rod Parsley (John McCain’s “spiritual adviser”)  59. Rev. John Hagee   60. National Council on Bible Curriculum in the Public Schools   61. James Kennedy, Center for Reclaiming America   62. Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and Rep. Paul C. Broun (R-GA)

Please also see AMERICAN MUSLIM RESOURCES (collections of articles and references which are updated regularly)  These include many topics relating directly to this subject. 


Dr. Robert D. Crane, Psychoanalyzing the Tsunami of Islamophobia

Rev. Martin Marty has just put an article online in The Christian Post discussing the specific statements of Rev. Rod Parsley