Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Condemns U.K. Bombings

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ISNA Statement Against U.K. Bombings

Plainfield, IN 7/10/07 - The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) condemns in the strongest terms the recent acts of terrorism in Glasgow, London and Yemen. We reaffirm our long-standing, unqualified condemnation of all acts of terrorism and all acts of violence committed against the innocent, and our denunciation of religious extremism and particularly the use of Islam to justify terrorism in any of its forms*. We sympathize with the victims of these senseless attacks and offer our heart-felt condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones.

We point out that the persons responsible for terrorist attacks often make no distinction as to the religion of their victims. Muslims – in Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere – have suffered and died at the hands of other Muslims who consider them to be traitors, apostates or sinners. ISNA, and mainstream Muslims all over the globe, reject such extremism aimed at non-Muslims and Muslims alike.

We are grateful to all those working sincerely to protect America from terrorism We encourage Muslim Americans to continue to help safeguard the security and well being of this country and its people, and be constantly vigilant against those who act violently or even demonstrate a desire to inflict harm. We applaud the Muslim community in Southern California that reported to the FBI on a visitor to their mosque who spoke of wanting to commit violent acts. Muslim Americans must work in cooperation and trust with fellow Americans to defend against terrorism in our country and abroad.

Pplease see also the ISNA brochure entitled “Against Terrorism and Religious Extremism: Muslim Position and Responsibilities” -