Debbie Schlussel “Out-hates” Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller - updated 5/31/12

Debbie Schlussel “Out-hates” Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller

by Sheila Musaji

Debbie Schlussel is a first rate bigot, but only second or third rate as far as income and prestige within the Islamophobia Industrial Complex.  Her rhetoric gets more and more hateful, and I can’t help wondering if this isn’t a bid to be noticed for out-hating even Pamela Geller.  Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller made truly cruel and hateful statements about the victims of the Norway terrorist attack.  Schlussel goes beyond cruel and hateful into territory that doesn’t even have a name.

Her most recent hate-mongering is beyond the pale.  She wrote an article Karma?: Norway Camp Breivik Shot Up Celebrated HAMAS, Jew-Hatred that is cruel and vicious.  Here are a few passages

The boycott sign is obvious, and the other pic is a game, re-enacting of the HAMAS flotilla in which terrorists tried to murder Israeli soldiers (complete with Palestinian flags and Norwegian kids’ smiles).  These kids who were killed by a terrorist . . . well, they sided with Islamic terrorists.

... And these hateful, privileged brats at the camp boycotted Jews and sided with Jew-killers.  I don’t condone violent massacres on innocent civilians, and I condemn what Breivik did. He is a terrorist just like the 9/11 hijackers, Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Nidal Malik Hasan.  But what goes around comes around.  You support terrorists against innocent civilians in Israel, then you get attacked by terrorists who are upset with your support.

For me, this is like Alien v. Predator.  I’m not sad for either side.  And I make no apologies for it.  Now these kids’ families know what it feels like to be victims of the Islamic terrorists whose Judenrein boycotts and terrorist flotillas against Israel they support.  We don’t live in a vacuum.  I can’t feel sorry for those who support my would-be assassins.  And I don’t get too upset when they face the karma that is their fate.

... And I shed no tears for these HAMASnik campers with a Scandinavian dialect. Perpetrators are not victims. Sorry. HAMAS collaborators don’t get my pity. They never will.

As if that wasn’t enough, she followed up with another article after she found out that in some previous year, some members of a Fatah youth group from Palestine had visited the summer camp.  She says

So, I’m supposed to shed tears for this camp that welcomes the killers of the Fogel Family? Uh, I don’t think so.

As I wrote yesterday, while I condemn terrorism including Breivik’s actions, this is Alien v. Predator for me. I don’t feel sorry in the least for those who die while cheering on my destruction. That’s what those shot at this camp did. I shed no tears for them. I don’t give even the feakest wuck about “people” who welcome Fatah Youth murderers to toast marshmallows with them and ride in canoes while they share in their Jew-hatred.

Karma is a bitch . . . especially for Jew-haters who were Fatah’s bitch.  You hang out with snakes, you get bitten.[/url]

As Robert Steinback of the Southern Poverty Law Center stated in an article about Schlussel’s comments:

Those who oppose Israel’s policies deserve to die. Even teenagers.

That’s the only interpretation possible of ultra-right-wing Muslim-hating blogger Debbie Schlussel’s Thursday post, in which she notes that the day before Anders Behring Breivik paid a visit to their political camp a week ago and turned scores of them into corpses, the teenagers on Utøya Island had dared to hoist a “Boycott Israel” sign.

...  What prompted Schlussel’s outburst was a report from Norway’s online news site Politisk of a visit to the Utøya Island Labor Youth League camp by Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store the day before Breivik’s massacre. The young liberals greeted him with a demand that Norway recognize a Palestinian state – a position endorsed by Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton as well as many Israeli politicians, including current conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Labor Party’s youth wing, the Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking, or AUF, has called for a boycott of Israel in support of a Palestinian state – a political approach to a political issue, and one that can’t fairly be compared to “supporting terrorists.”

But such a stance is a death-penalty offense to Schlussel, even though supporters of the two-state solution firmly believe – rightly or wrongly – that it will assure Israel’s survival.

Schlussel was also listed in the SPLC report The Anti-Muslim Inner Circle and in a Smearcasters report, and in the FAIR Dirty Dozen report

As Loonwatch reported earlier this year Debbie Schlussel Calls for Mass Slaughter of 1.8 Billion Muslims.  After the killing of Osama bin Laden, Schlussel said: Rot in hell, Osama bin Laden.  One down, 1.8 billion to go ... many of ‘em inside U.S. borders, with the U.S. government at all levels kissing their asses.    The Muslim world is laughing at us that we think this is a big deal, that this will do anything to change the lethal threat Islam and Muslims pose to the West.

I can’t see how this statement could be understood as anything other than a call to kill Muslims (including American Muslims), although Schlussel denies that.  One down, 1.8 billion to go ... many of ‘em inside U.S. borders.  Schlussel, however is a lawyer, so I am pretty certain that she knows exactly how far she can go with such statements without actually breaking the law.  The ability to make such a statement publically and not face any legal consequences really does make me wonder if there is any clear definition at all of what constitutes hate speech.

UPDATE 8/11/2011

Yet another controversy, this time involving Whole Foods.  See my article, Whole Foods Almost Acknowledged American Muslims as Human Beings for a full background on this manufactured controversy.

Amitabh Pal reported  regarding the Whole Foods controversy

Another month, another outburst of anti-Muslim vitriol.
This time the target was Whole Foods, for its impertinence in acknowledging Ramadan (the Muslim month of fasting, which is under way right now) in its stores. The alternative food chain rapidly backpedaled when the store’s multiculturalism became the focal point of an Islamophobic campaign.

The campaign was led by Debbie Schlussel, an anti-Muslim blogger who doesn’t even inhabit the first rank of Muslim-bashers (the pride of place instead going to the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer).

“Whole Foods is whoring itself out to Islam for profits,” Schlussel wrote on her blog. “And as more and more Muslims populate America through immigration and high birth rates, more and more corporations will shill for jihadist interests…. the values of savages will NEVER be in.”

Nice. Really nice. Schlussel in the past has accused “Pakis” (an utterly offensive term for Pakistanis) as being behind the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre and has asserted that the young Norwegians murdered by Anders Behring Breivik at the youth camp deserved it because of their supposedly pro-Hamas and anti-Israel views. In response to Osama bin Laden’s killing, Schlussel wrote, “One down, 1.8 billion to go . . .  many of ’em inside U.S. borders, with the U.S. government at all levels kissing their asses.”

The real surprise here is not that Schlussel went after Whole Foods, but that Whole Foods so meekly caved in to her and her ilk.

UPDATE 5/31/2012

On the night of May 25th, the exterior of a home in Skokie, IL was burned in what might be arson, and the same night a block away a van burned.  The family who lived in the home are Jewish, and there is concern among neighbors that this might have been a religiously motivated hate crime.  Actual news stories on these fires here and here.

At this point that is all the information that anyone has.  Not enough to make any determination about motive, perpetrator, anything.  Not even enough to know if it was arson, or if there was some other cause.

For Islamophobe, Debbie Schlussel this was enough information to prompt her to write an article saying:

What should be a big story isn’t. And that’s because the arson that targeted the home of a Jewish family in the Chicago suburb of Skokie looks like it could be the work of Jew-haters a/k/a Muslims. And we can’t have people knowing or seeing that story because it would be bad PR for the Religion of (Anti-)Peace, whether it is responsible for this particular incident or not because we know that religion has helped foster an atmosphere of ever-increasing hatred of the Jewish people (and Christians, too). And, let’s face it, everyone’s first thought is that Muslims did this . . . because usually they are the ones who do this kind of thing. Those are the odds.

The article that Schlussel links to in her article is actually titled “Mysterious Fires On Same Skokie Street Have Neighbors Worried”.  The article only discusses the suppositions of worried neighbors, and has no statements by police or fire fighters. 

Actually, there are suspicious fires all the time.  Every such fire is not a big story.  Every such fire is not an arson, or a hate crime.  In fact, some such fires are fake hate crimes or insurance scams.  Without actual facts, anything is possible.

It is only hateful bigots like Schlussel whose “first thought is that Muslims did this”

Let the police and fire department do their jobs and get the facts.  If there was a crime committed, then let them prosecute the individual(s) found responsible. If there was a crime and it was motivated by the religion of the victim, then add hate crime charges and punish the criminal to the full extent of the law.


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