BOOK REVIEW: The Last Patriot: Islamophobia Triumphant in an Islamic da Vinci Code

Dr. Robert D. Crane

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The Last Patriot: Islamophobia Triumphant in an Islamic da Vinci Code

by Dr. Robert D. Crane

  A best-selling new book, The Last Patriot, by Brad Thor, perfects a sophisticated art form surpassing Robert Spencer’s books in the emotional demonization of Islam and Muslims.  It cites Spencer but goes beyond his accomplishments to the next level by launching a subliminal mimetic crusade to demonize the true scholars of Islam as dangerous “apologist enablers” of terrorism because they insist that traditionalist Islam is not inherently terroristic. 

  The latest twist in Islamophobia is to demonize those who counter the Islamophobic demonizers by accusing them of downplaying the growing movement of extremism among Muslims all over the world and for highlighting the gathering movement against it by the awakening Muslim silent majority.  Scholars of Islam are accused of being dupes of Al Qa’ida because they oppose the Islamophobes’ perversion of the Qur’an and decry their fear-mongering and political exploitation of the threat, and because Muslims increasingly are calling for foreign policies based on justice, both economic and political, as the best means to counter the threat.  The logic of the demonization is irrefutable, but its premises are just as false as its inevitable conclusions.

  This book might even rival in popularity its progenitors, namely, Dan Brown’s publication in 2003, The Da Vinci Code, and Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.  A supportive review of Brad Thor’s newest in this genre, by Dr. Rusty Shakleford, Editor in Chief of the online Jawa Report, can be accessed at
A youtube promo interview with the author, Brad Thor, is available at , in which he alleges evidence of a missing surah in the Qur’an, a conspiracy by Muslim charitable organizations in America on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood to replace the American constitution with shari’ah law, and a conspiracy within the U.S. government, working together with the government of Saudi Arabia, to cover this up.  Thor says that he distinguishes carefully at the end of the book between “artistic licence” and the real facts that are brought to light in his newest expose to prove that “the enemy is among us.”

  This could become a blockbuster movie.  Like Leonardo da Vinci in the Da Vinci Code, it highlights Thomas Jefferson as the key to revealing the real last revelation to Muhammad, which rejected the previous revelations and led to Muhammad’s assassination.  Psychologists might have something to say about the appeal of this book to people who know they are being manipulated by fear mongering but can’t resist it, sort of like acrophobics who can’t resist jumping off a cliff.  This book and the movement behind it would seem to provide evidence of the natural law that the primordial cause of civilizational clash and collapse is the denial of one’s own injustices, fear of the consequences, and a drive to stamp out opposition by abandoning the civilization’s founding values.